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Recently, technological innovation in the province of the appraisal meeting, good source
Water heater
New generation of "electric wall separated" technology through industry professionals passed the strict assessment identified numerous. It was the experts predict a new generation of "electric wall separated" technology to fundamentally solve the
Water Heater
Problem, the electric water heater security technology to a new peak, if able to promote universal, is expected to fully promote the accelerated development of electric water heater industry.

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Good source, according to fast water heater responsible person, as the electric water heater in the field today, "every other power wall" technology (the industry also called "anti-power wall", "Anti-Electric Castle", etc.) of the patent owner, good source electric water heaters after several years of technology research, and finally developed a comprehensive electrical safety to protect a new generation of super version of "every other power wall" technology, a new generation of "every other power wall" technology will be good source of the original "every other power wall" and " Environmental Charged warning "two security technology combines the core technology is not only a good source of" every other power wall "technology upgrade, it is good source of water heater features a comprehensive product safety leap. New generation of "every other power wall" technology is the biggest highlight of electrical safety warning, which is like a power state of the environment 24-hour security guard guard, constantly monitored by the user home environment, electricity, household electricity occur, safety problems, it will immediately sound the alarm, and quickly cut off
Power supply
This is very difficult at this stage other brands of heaters really do.

The trade,
Gas Water Heater
Energy constraints and security, always insurmountable, gradually run out of steam, while new fast water heater when it is ready to go. However, the rapid development of electric water heater still has time, mainly in three aspects: First,
Are concerned, fast water heater on the lack of knowledge, and even some of the more remote areas can not be identified "so small" is the water heater, let alone how to use and fast water heater understanding; Second, China's current home environment is more aging, the installation conditions for more rapid thermal has not yet reached the required standard; Third, electric water heater itself, security issues, while electric water heater in the overall safety performance than gas water heater, but still restricted the development of the industry's key points. Thus, aside temporarily limited objective environment, how to increase marketing efforts and the popularity of the core technology security is fast water heater two major problems facing the future. Good source of new generation "every other power wall" technology is expected to make up for the key security technologies short board, but quickly spread, the industry still needed to work together.

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