Yuyao Chang: Glanz not short of money not currently listed

Host: Good morning, everyone TOM friends, today we are pleased to invited guests, Mr. Glanz Yuyao Chang, vice president of TOM. Yuyao Chang the second coming of TOM, a time when Beijing is very busy during the two sessions, I would like to come this time because there are many things chat with friends. Galanz Group on the small description, and now see a news that Galanz Group Acquires Consumer Electronics "orphans." Can you tell me?

Yuyao Chang: We would like to take the 3.15 on the appliance of social "orphans" come close, we are in front of his "son," the same. With the increasingly competitive home appliance industry, we think this phenomenon is a common phenomenon, as our industry, especially in the microwave oven is also a leader in the field, we felt an obligation and responsibility, our corporate mission is to make consumption who moved.

Yuyao Chang: Through these activities can increase the visibility of companies, including the possible future of these consumers to replace old ones, this time may Galanz may be their choice goals. We carry out such activities actually serve the consumer, in fact, is also a return.

Moderator: how did you understand the home appliances, "orphans" for?

Yuyao Chang: Simply put, these enterprises are eliminated as the competition in this market, and in fact in the past some companies are committed to the community that 5-year warranty, 8 years or longer. Then the business has gone, the service also will gone. After the equivalent of no social "orphans" as, of course, also have charge of social repair place, but these repair places with our corporate strength, after all this we still has significant advantages. We have thousands of after-sales service network across the country, the present general aspects of the community service repair station's point of view, to find a chain to have thousands of yet. Moreover, exports are now Galanz the field of home appliances in China is among the best, and each year nearly 10 billion dollars in exports. That is some of our foreign parts we are also very easy to purchase.

Yuyao Chang: Given their air conditioners, microwave ovens we are a world factory, all our accessories are also very much that many companies can not. Therefore, the level of Galanz of the parts is not reached the level of general business. We feel we have sufficient capacity and strength to serve the society, of course, inevitably there may be individual cases of "incurable diseases" we can not fix, but this I believe that consumers will understand.

Moderator: Just now you said, well, there may be some appliances faced a losing battle, so users are not a continuation of service, after another Galanz started this, we should also see some companies advantages, such as sales channels, etc.?

Yuyao Chang: the role of these things for us, not the. That is down to its channels of these brands as well as its technology is attractive for us, as if not too large. However there is one thing, our service is the only team to raise its level is certainly helpful. Equivalent to the same surgeon, there are numerous clinical practice to work in the future become an expert, if not simply from books to become an excellent surgeon. That is a service engineer must be of various incurable diseases to continue learning, to more and more to improve his level. Therefore, this degree of excellence for us to build a service team would be helpful, and certainly we will strengthen a number of inputs and some training, invited foreign experts to guide.

Yuyao Chang: We have air conditioning when the original was launched more than 60 people to learn learning.

Moderator: Glanz estimate the current "orphans" are also restricted to domestic or foreign?

Yuyao Chang: There is only limited to domestic, we are more than 4,000 network control, network services, I think every day to go to a repair, then one day there are thousands across the country, so if 365 days Our network is not closed, then a one-year hundreds of thousands of millions, and should be said that this power, the resources can go to improve the full and adequate to make up for the.

Moderator: currently discussing a number of which have been home?

Yuyao Chang: We launched later we will follow this matter, one should keep track of our services, while the second track of our skills, we have a management system to track this thing. The tracking process we have on the consumer society we can reverse the monitor is monitoring our service levels, monitoring our service levels. Glanz also are open this site, you can go to the mall can see Glanz, and in the microwave I could find our web site, our business is now multi-level management, the Group had complained point, the company there is a complaint points sale following a complaint, and that all provinces, prefecture-level cities have complained station. This level of service taking a step forward so that we get a bit.

Yuyao Chang: The purpose of our business now is the same, we often say a word "Care" We have the ability to enable consumers to get rich, but we must make every effort to make consumers more valuable labor value We search for the past few years has been the purpose of running this business to do business. Of course, consumers do not say is now my existing Galanz consumers, but may also become the next 2,3 years after Glanz consumers.

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