Appliance stores even rejection of the "three ring gun" fired the ending war – Gome, Suning Appliance, home appliance store – HC Network Appliance Industry

Three appliances from the store informed Dongguan, Dongguan Dongcheng Middle Road, reloading while Suning first lit the fuse end of the year promotion, Dongguan States United States 4 is a high-profile launch anniversary wishes to create new holiday, while the fashion Electrical Will also be generous annual Thanksgiving preparations containing 21 "benefit" activities. The first […]

Diluted household electrical appliance enterprises profit collective "duties," – home appliances business, profitable, profits diluted – HC Network Appliance Industry

Circle long ago, there Azeri said before, Home Appliances Industry disputes the number of events and entertainment can match, gave away the complicated disputes which plagued the derision also somewhat self-deprecating. Like those who were to be made a star of entertainment stars, riding on the aftermath of new effects, acting quickly out of albums, […]

Cell phone chargers uniform standards should be to break the interests of the barriers to implementation – mobile phone charger, cell phone charger – HC network appliance industry

In China, Mobile And chargers-one situation is gradually being broken. According to reports, the latest release of the Ministry of Industry 125 Recommended Communicate Industry standards, the requirements of different brands the same charger can charge your phone model. New standards on January 1 this year officially began. Clearly, the implementation of new standards for […]

Appliance stores are designed to combat human winter oil Tingjia points – five-star appliances, hot oil heater, central air conditioning – HC Network Appliance Industry

Sudden cold wind for the Nanjing city has "winter night", a lot of impatient people rushed to purchase heating appliance stores. Reporter yesterday (November 11, 2007) In Suning , Five Star and other stores to see, in addition to the traditional Oil radiator heater, electric heater, the faster this year, there are European-style hot stove, […]

Observation: General M & Haier idea to play off three threshold – Haier M & GM, Zhang – HC network appliance industry

A year ago, Haier was forced to abandon acquisition of Universal Home Appliances Business. A year later, when China became the vanguard of the global economic recovery, common household appliances Haier acquisition rumors again circulated. Although Haier has not yet responded positively, but can not stop the trade on the Haier road of international M […]