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Museum Of Science And Technology Museum Of China Opened A New Energy

National Day eve, the Chinese Science and Technology Museum The museum completed on September 20 officially open to the public before the official opening, the author conducted a preliminary experience of this newspaper, the conclusion is: The new Museum of Science and Technology Museum of China is a large playground of modern science, very, very […]

Qin Optoelectronics: Green Light To Build The First Brand

Recently, Semiconductor Ground lighting industry leaders on the Photoelectric Co., Ltd., Dongguan, formally assumed the World Meteorological Organization (TheClimateGroup) “1000 Village Plan” Solar LED Street demonstration projects, and soon in Chongqing, and Chengdu Pengzhou Tongnan first launched, the first demonstration project is expected to be installed more than 100 sets of solar energy LED lights, […]

Economic Crisis Means The 10 Marketing

The same economic slowdown has created winners and losers. Corporate failure is the fastest way: do nothing and wait for economic recovery. No matter what business you work, “business as usual” mentality will lead the company into the sinking of the ship. You must be innovative, stand out, with a new way to market your […]

Dell’s New Killer Goes Back In The Lightweight Destruction!

The horse may not be the prince, he may be the Tang Monk; not an angel with wings, he may be the bird; using Micro-ATX board designed for small computers may not be shrunk, because it is AuroraALX. Micro-ATX design of a small computer due to space constraints, generally a lower performance CPU And integrated […]

The U.s. Men’s Purchase Of Hummer Sport Utility Vehicle Converted Into Carriage

Dean and his “carriage” A lot of fans are like on the car for DIY-style modification, hope your car more dynamic and faster. However, young men in New York Jeremy? Dean, by contrast, he bought a Hummer H2 special money-type off-road vehicles, removal of the front and the engine, transformed into a real horse. Recently, […]