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Sudden cold wind for the Nanjing city has "winter night", a lot of impatient people rushed to purchase heating appliance stores. Reporter yesterday

(November 11, 2007) In Suning , Five Star and other stores to see, in addition to the traditional Oil radiator heater, electric heater, the faster this year, there are European-style hot stove,

Electric Heating Film So new. And Air conditioning The system functions are always warm and highly respected, manufacturers have pushed the light of new air-conditioning in medium and tailored for the special family

Central air conditioning ?? "Thin clients" were all hurry to show up, also won a lot of

Consumption Persons of goodwill. Stores open playing the "warm war"

Two days, in addition to major department stores, popular sentiment, the

Electrical Store is crowded. Five Star Xinjiekou store renovation, upgrade benefits to start a four-day sale, triggering appliance buying frenzy. Saturday am Five Star Xinjiekou store opened just two hours, store sales to break all-time sales record, day off, traffic more than 100,000 people. Of course, many consumers are directed at temperatures down, came to buy Oil radiator, warm

Fans , Heaters, Electric Blanket , European-style heaters, such as small solar system for heating appliances.

According to reports, many well-known brand

Small appliances Are sold from a folded, with the latest film out of the electric heaters are also included in the discount range. Aunt public Zhang told reporters that he bought two Oil radiator breath, although the price of your points, but the addition of heat, but also a decorative function, indeed to get both together beautiful.

Humanized design oil Tingjia points Reporter found that in addition to today's heating system, the effect of warm things, increased the number of personalized settings, such as Oil radiator there is a claim that their products are not on the noise, especially for the elderly and

Student Family, does not affect their learning and rest; some portable heaters shape, looks like a thin

LCD TV Is actually a real heater; there is a tower heater is out of this new product, salesperson introduced, such heating supply air and soft, not a sudden heat,

Security Coefficient is also higher. Turn for a long time in the store, a Miss Xu eventually bought a tower heater, she said that he saw in air is soft, "fear before the heating device that like fire, spraying warm air is warm out, but the skin too much for a long time, have to recapture a

Humidifier Now this very good. "

Favored in medium and central air-conditioning

Many people have an old concept, and believe that only the big house with central air conditioning can, in fact, is not necessarily another! Suning Appliance Air Conditioning Division, said a person in charge, now has in medium designed specifically for central air conditioning, comfortable easy to use up the same.

Learned that this new generation of "thin clients" of the family-specific central air-conditioning markets in Nanjing after the sale is not bad, because it is specifically for home users in medium and released, indoor hide design, saving the living room space, style and decoration seamlessly integrated, creating a harmonious home environment; its original imported from Japan

Energy Compressor To reach national levels, energy efficiency, energy saving up to 10%; the most important thing is this "thin clients" of air conditioning prices

Guiji Rather, "a three thin jet, less than one square meter living room as the price of Nanjing," There is no doubt the high cost.

In addition, more emphasis on indoor air quality of the environment and consumers, air-conditioning system in selecting the kind of warm when healthy, clean indoor air conditioning can be more popular.

Haier , Matsushita Sanyo, Daikin and other brands are available such products,

Galanz Air conditioning is not only low energy light waves, but also further enhance the air purification and improved features, because "the health of consumers living conditions put forward higher requirements, air-conditioning products directly to the consumer


Space air quality. "

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