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In China, Mobile And chargers-one situation is gradually being broken. According to reports, the latest release of the Ministry of Industry 125 Recommended

Communicate Industry standards, the requirements of different brands the same charger can charge your phone model. New standards on January 1 this year officially began.

Clearly, the implementation of new standards for the community, consumers privileges, but since it is not mandatory standards, it means that there is a transition period, consumers simply do not want to wait too long.

The Ministry of Industry and published in 2006 a unified standard mobile phone charger has been revised, the phone and charger into a three-step structure provided in the mobile phone side of the cylindrical type, Mini-USB, Micro- USB Triple Interface.

Thus, in the future, buy a new phone, you can no longer pay for the charger was. Meanwhile, the new standards also strengthen the cell phone charger

Energy Environmental protection And easy to use and other requirements.
As most of the mobile phone charger can not be universal, leading many families have a variety of cell phone chargers, neither convenient nor environmentally friendly. After the implementation of new standards, consumers buy new cell phone chargers when no longer need to purchase, it saves an unnecessary expenditure.

Course, it also can minimize the number of mobile phone
Fitting Garbage. Xiamen University, according to a study, if the manufacturers to stop selling battery charger, battery charger can be unified to reduce carbon dioxide emissions reached 600 million tons.

Unified standard mobile phone charger is the trend. Last year the ITU said the global universal cell phone charger technology has been approved, which will reduce the spread of a variety of different models of mobile phone charger to bring the chaos and waste. According to reports, which can reduce energy consumption by half and reduce 51,000 tons per year of waste generated waste charger, and 13.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions. New Universal Charger will be produced for all future mobile phones, "Every mobile phone user can benefit from."

Uniform standard mobile phone charger, universal cell phone charge is also compressible space, greatly improve the safety of mobile phone use. In the market, universal cell phone charger is the "high risk" best-selling product. Under

Guangdong Provincial Industry and Commerce published the first three quarter of 2009, mobile phone charger circulation test case, cell phone charger actually sample pass rate was 0%. Use of substandard charger may cause personal injury or harm to be charging facilities, and if the internal charger failure, also may have security implications.

Although the unified voice of mobile phone charger has been a long time, but because some manufacturers have been resisted, progress has been slow.

The one hand, mobile phone accessories
Sell Considerable profits, so companies are the driving force maintaining the status quo. On the other hand, "universal charger" long-term presence on the market, indicating cell phone charger standard uniform, not a technical issue. Analysts believe that there is no uniform standard mobile phone charger "technical problems", only "the interests of barriers."

"Although the implementation of this standard will affect the interests of some enterprises, but on society and the users but they are good but no harm, and is technically entirely feasible." Ter Laboratory Director He Guili said. According to He Guili said, mobile phone charger standard step by step implementation of strategies aimed at buffering the mobile phone companies more time to accept the new standards. Today, the timing of implementation of the new standards have been basically mature.

In fact, mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone chargers uniform standards, can significantly reduce the investment in this area and focus on the development of the phone itself.

GSM Association has said that the ITU standards of universal cell phone chargers manufacturers introduced but is conducive to innovation. GSM Association spokesman said: "The new standards will push manufacturers in product and marketing innovation in the field, in the future, some manufacturers may add other functions charger, and some manufacturers may not sell phones with chargers.

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