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Female Graduate Words Against The Hospital: Surgeons, “bouncing” I Lost Tolls

Appointment to see the doctor yesterday to more than 10 patients in Medicine University Hospital Surgeons Hall claims success Yesterday, Chongqing, a female college students suffer from skin disease came to Chengdu doctor hastily. A week ago, she booked the Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of TCM Chinese famous doctor Tang name experts Ai Ru […]

Differentiation Drug Prices And Foreign Enterprises To See The Pros And Cons Of

Medical reform as one of the 21 drug prices supporting the reform program affects the sensitive nerves of many enterprises, the State Development and Reform Commission has drafted a “reform of medicines and medical services to the views of the price formation mechanism”, and has been completed for comments. It is understood that differences in […]

Gorgeous Lighting And Other Enterprises Appeared Op Expo Park

Chinese private enterprises joint interview Expo Center Deputy Director Paul Sun Peculiar architectural style, stunning the “climax show” show … … is located in Puxi, China’s private enterprises throughout the Expo Area Joint Library is a very personalized “alien” and highlights. Zhongshan Op Illumination Co., Ltd. and other 16 members of the unit is funded […]

“auto Electronic Identity Card” To Prove Which Parts Used Car Repair

“Auto e-ID” to Hangzhou launched tomorrow Car repair What used parts, accessories would be no, you can check. PRC “We will use each in Hangzhou auto parts sales to establish an electronic identity card, do not meet the requirements of the parts warranty certificate is not issued.” Yang Guoxian Hangzhou Motor Vehicle Services Authority, “said […]

Many Giant Plummeting Into The Video Industry Too Hot

Network Video Is becoming a hot industry. 20 China’s CCTV television network announced the largest player Company Storm video player platform for the creation of new state-owned assets have been regarded as the background of the video Web site for further deep plowing civilian Market One action. However, Xin Feng, CEO storm in an interview […]