Differentiation Drug Prices And Foreign Enterprises To See The Pros And Cons Of

Medical reform as one of the 21 drug prices supporting the reform program affects the sensitive nerves of many enterprises, the State Development and Reform Commission has drafted a “reform of medicines and medical services to the views of the price formation mechanism”, and has been completed for comments. It is understood that differences in exposure draft proposed a fare increase, according to local conditions and other policy ideas, while encouraging the development of innovative pharmaceutical companies.

My opinion, in drug prices and the “storm” coming in the background, the pharmaceutical companies have in-depth study and analysis of national policy, understanding and insight into the state in drug prices and directions of future ideas, fog, recognize situation, hard skills, opportunities for the market can be accounted for.

Impact: minimal guidance Opinion From our previous experience of policy reform, drug prices in the absence of reform policies introduced before details of the overall pharmaceutical market and pharmaceutical companies will not significantly affect, the emergence of new market structure will not change.

We all know, the drugs enter the hospital end, the specialist drug profits are highest. Data show that the mainstream and specialist hospitals with 70% of all drugs from foreign companies. From the price point of view, although there are some advantages of domestic medicine, but the development of the terminal in the hospital, the foreign firm had a dominant position, the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises are to access very difficult. Therefore, in the mainstream medical institutions are under foreign occupation of the hospital will continue to give priority to using foreign drugs, the current market structure does not appear to temporarily change much.

Present, relative to drugs in terms of domestic and foreign drug prices are still very expensive. The high price represents profitable, with profits foreign companies will have sufficient funds to do other work, such as research and development, government and public relations. Therefore, foreign drug will still be in for a long period of time rule, the hospital market, the domestic high-end, high drug prices down is unlikely.

In the present case, if the relevant government departments to develop in accordance with the cost of drug prices, it may appear the domestic pharmaceutical companies and foreign pharmaceutical companies to further increase the gap. Because the cost of foreign drug price is the standard port, as port price was not necessarily the true cost of foreign drug prices, it also indirectly protects the high price of foreign drugs, long-term down gradually formed a circle, eventually evolved into a mature the interests of all, this is very unfair, not right.

Interpretation: drug breakthrough innovation is not good

“Health care reform policies of Drug Addition. Gradually reduce the medical and disease control agencies and health drugs increase rate of institutional sales. Reform transition period, an average of 15% without breaking the premise of the rate increase, the price can be different drugs increase the implementation of different policies. “The author believes that the difference between drug prices increase policy reforms, as compared with before, and no significant changes of substance. Because the final price of view, the original high price of drugs after the increase is still lower than the original price of the drugs expensive.

From the enterprise point of view, the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises in the procurement, production, sales and so more is carried out in the domestic market, making the cost of investigation, it is easy to be thoroughly investigated, can be said that at a glance; and As the geographical and foreign policy factors, some of the cost simply can not investigate them, making their points can pull very high prices. Therefore, generally speaking, drug pricing policy binding on the very large domestic enterprises, while relatively small foreign-binding.

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