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Jiangsu, The Official Start Time Is Still Undetermined Tm To Wind

“Appliances TM to Official launch of the original 20, how has still not implemented? “Last weekend, a lot of hot sun to rush people rushed home appliance stores were empty. As early as two months ago, the Ministry of Finance issued the seven ministries and commissions on the” appliance TM to the implementation of measures […]

Haier “torch 2008” Steam Release Switch Wave Oven In Beijing

? October 26, 2005, “Torch 2008” Haier Beijing 2008 steam switch first wave oven Olympics Product Launch at the Beijing International Meeting Center. To support the Beijing Olympic Games, as well as athletes with a reasonable diet, Haier No. 1-20, “Torch 2008” products to the national taekwondo team. It is reported that, “Torch 2008” steam […]

Appliances To The Countryside: The United States Of Rongshida Little Swan Popula

Nationwide Appliances to the countryside Projects have been implemented over two months, a few days ago, the reporter learned from the market, with the Home Appliances Sustainability of the project to promote the countryside, and Refrigerator Coming season, beautiful, Rongshida, Little Swan and other major brand product sales continued to surge in rural areas, accounting […]

Appliance Industry: The Strong Rebound In Sales In October Sales Over 12 Billion

Event Overview By Appliances to the countryside Information system statistics, as of October 31, 2009, through the information system of production enterprises has shipped 65,875,085 registered cases. Sell Enterprise information system through the sales of home appliances to the countryside products registered 27,877,824 units worth a total of 50,841,647,279 yuan, information systems, sales of home […]

Fair Appliance Inventory: Glanz Order By Double Win

The 104th Canton Fair has ended the first phase, the government has also announced the specific turnover of the major exhibitors, Foshan Home Appliances Industry, some people are happy others are sad (the second transaction without appliances). Autumn Fair last year compared with 102 sessions, half of the sharp decline in orders in the United […]