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Museology See Five Major Trends Published In The Mainstream Low Carbon Reading

From bamboo to Sibo, from Sibo to paper, from paper to screen, books have been accompanied by technological progress and continue to evolve. Museology at this time, digital publishing display different reading experience, people suddenly discovered that reading has stepped on stage in the new technology on the. Perhaps, then step by step, the entire […]

The Machine Tool Industry To Explore How To Open A Low Carbon Economy

“Low-carbon economy lead to energy-saving emission reduction equipment manufacturing industry, the development model shifted from the pursuit of the scale of the development of an extensive manner to enhance the capability of independent innovation, improve international competitiveness, changes in development mode, as a ‘Shier Wu’ change in the direction of development of equipment manufacturing industry […]

Zhaopin Loss Of 92.8 Million Yuan In 2009: Has Been Losing Money For Three Years

Worry a major victory in the future when the industry losses, and even withdrawal, came news of the closure. IResearch Consulting expects China’s online recruitment market in 2009 reached 1.2 billion in size, but the market’s gains were not many. Recently, worry-free future disclosure report shows that in 2009 its revenues reached 817 million yuan, […]

Fair Observation: Enterprise 4 Strokes Against The “rule Of Three Four

Click bursting of the 107th Canton Fair for Electrical and Mechanical The first product based on yesterday (April 19) in Pazhou ended. Current Canton Fair to visit the various exhibition hall reporter found that after Financial After the baptism of the crisis, export enterprises “Internal Strength” surge. Particularly the recent “three-rate price of four” (the […]

Avon: Building A Full Range Of Distribution Network

“A better understanding than women, a woman” Avon has been 117 years. 1886, New York, there is a named David. Michael Nepalese books Sell Member, was found in the marketing process with the book presented to the customer Perfume Popular gifts, so established, “California fragrance” company, specialized in perfume business. 1936, “California Fragrance” business expanded […]