The Machine Tool Industry To Explore How To Open A Low Carbon Economy

“Low-carbon economy lead to energy-saving emission reduction equipment manufacturing industry, the development model shifted from the pursuit of the scale of the development of an extensive manner to enhance the capability of independent innovation, improve international competitiveness, changes in development mode, as a ‘Shier Wu’ change in the direction of development of equipment manufacturing industry strategic breakthrough. “former vice president of Mechanical Sciences, the National Mechanical Engineering Society executive director Qu Xian-ming has said so.

    As a production tool, machine tool products to the equipment manufacturing industry mode of production changes the meaning is no doubt the same time, enhance the capability of independent innovation for the development of low-carbon economy to contribute to energy-saving emission reduction, machine tool industry is a more responsibility.

    How to explore open a low carbon economy?

    First of all, concerned about the focus of state investment, speed up industrial restructuring. State Machine Tool Industry Association, a number of recent surveys, shows the user industries, the state of the aerospace, automotive, railway, green energy, shipbuilding, electronics and information industries drive the market demand for huge investment structure to high-end development. State investment in these priority areas will not only deal with the financial crisis, expanding domestic demand, but also focus on restructuring the long-term development goals. This indicates that the financial crisis after the structural adjustment era will focus on these industries. In particular many of the key areas of our country also affected by foreign technical blockade, and thus the structural adjustment is bound to self-innovation-based. This will bring the machine tool industry, opportunities for industrial upgrading and structural adjustment.

    Machine tool industry should focus area of investment, in-depth understanding of user needs, increase research and development efforts for products. Products as soon as possible eliminate backward production capacity, to avoid vicious competition. Should be a bold attempt to “specialized, sophisticated, special” product transfer. Some enterprises have developed a high-speed railway track plate grinding machine on to the “plane” development successful example. This requires us to fill in the blanks there are many areas, such as: belt machine shop for aircraft, aircraft automatic drill riveting machine, textile machine needle special machine, the human body joints and other health care fields of prosthetic parts machining equipment. Currently these devices rely mainly on imports, there is even banned in China. We only based on independent innovation, to develop import-substituting products to meet customer needs in order to open new markets. Data show that in 2009 the continued growth of imports of machine tool parts and components, indicating that Chinese-made machine parts and components industry still can not fully meet the host requirements. Parts and components market growth businesses should seize the opportunity to develop new products, speed up structural adjustment.

    Secondly, by strengthening the management effectiveness to ensure that enterprise efficiency. According to the National Machine Tool Industry Association in October 2009 survey of 80 key enterprises, new orders for less than extremely common, basic than that in 2008 over the same period a decrease of 1 / 4. In addition, half of the companies suffered the user to suspend delivery or return. Trends in the market for the better in recent months, more obvious, but most business for some time to be cautiously optimistic about market prospects. By enhancing the effectiveness of enterprise management, improve working capital turnover, increase input-output ratio to ensure that enterprise efficiency.

    Third, to seek a breakthrough to expand the export sector. According to the current global economic situation and the machine tool industry to maintain the traditional machine tools, tools, heavy machine forming machine tools and other advantages of exports. For the current rapid growth Asian markets through the expansion of advocacy, by providing comprehensive after-sales service, batch exports of high-end target machine.

    Some of the world to build an environmentally green barriers in developed countries has undoubtedly increased the difficulty of access to international markets. Pollute the environment or be shut out of high energy-consuming products, or heavily taxed by the sanctions. Therefore, the low-carbon economy, green manufacturing technology research and application, the future direction of economic development, but also products to enter the international market-based, machine tool industries and enterprises should attach great importance and should advance to prepare for the future.

    Although the equipment manufacturing industry of its own energy consumption, resource consumption, occupy a very small percentage, but its production of these products have energy consumption, “big.” Therefore, in addition to adjust its industrial structure, some excess capacity, as the equipment manufacturing industry, “mother ship” the machine tool industry should also shoulder the provision of low energy environmentally friendly products, providing equipment, environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources for treating and recycling end-equipment, as well as advanced production and processing technology in order to improve the efficiency of machinery manufacturing.

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