Avon: Building A Full Range Of Distribution Network

“A better understanding than women, a woman” Avon has been 117 years. 1886, New York, there is a named David. Michael Nepalese books Sell Member, was found in the marketing process with the book presented to the customer Perfume Popular gifts, so established, “California fragrance” company, specialized in perfume business. 1936, “California Fragrance” business expanded to the whole skin care line, out of William Shakespeare’s reverence, he renamed the company “AVON”?? Shakespeare’s hometown of a river’s name.

1990, the Avon into China, and to use its direct sales model to develop the most competitive Chinese market peak of 200 000 Avon lady across the country. But in April 1998, the State Council promulgated the “on foreign Investment MLM companies change the way marketing issues notice “which states that” foreign-invested enterprises have to store operating pyramid schemes, “Avon was a painful transition. 6 years after the Avon striking results of operations in China, the Chinese market in 2002 sales growth of the market performance of 3O%, 2003 total sales in China reached 157 million U.S. dollars, is expected to exceed 200 million U.S. dollars this year. Avon’s success in China, mainly due to its beauty counters, stores, and online sales of diversified full-channel marketing model.

1, counter sales Set up counters into the mall there are entered high cost of adverse factors such as Sales Outstanding slower. On the other hand, a large shopping center traffic as large, occupy the market, not only bring no small economic profits, but also conducive to the spread of the brand. Avon to take first in a region Business Mong District set up demonstration counter, then a good performance to bring other shopping centers Cooperation . So far, Avon beauty counters have more than 1600, more than 100 Storage Avon-style counter, has entered the country in major cities of the famous commercial buildings, department stores, large Supermarket And chain stores.

2, stores Avon store, selling products and providing beauty set Service In one. In the Avon store, Clerk According to Consumption Who’s skin, recommended for the Avon products for beauty programs; consumers free advice beauty knowledge. Use customer base built up over the years, Avon store achieved great success, achieving a true depth distribution, in all sales account for more than 90%. As of May 2004, the number of Avon has more than 5,600 stores, opening 500 stores per year rate of increase is expected by the end of this year, the number of stores to more than 6000. Avon launched one of its store credit supporting strategy Network Expansion has played a significant role. Investors who wish to set up shop Avon to provide a one-month purchase loan scheme can be a maximum amount of Avon products 50 thousand yuan a lack of funds to lend to owners to help their marketing to Avon Way. It is reported that the purchase Credit Approach is very effective, the first paragraph of purchase have been recovered back, the second batch of loan schemes have entered the implementation stage.

3, online sales Network is a huge market prospects, in November 2006, Avon China’s first online product store in the “Beijing 263-line” opened, to provide customers a new shopping channel of choice. Avon back to original dealer Package Into “E sales representative” consumers av on.com under the single payment, it can do at home “E sales representative,” delivered to your door. Meanwhile, Avon is also a large number of networks through Advertisement , Online survey, online roadshow, divergent type Electronic Marketing to a rich network of sales experience in actual combat.

Also with beauty counters and shop around, Avon has also introduced customer clubs. January 1, 2007, Avon Club was established loyal customers, has 74 large and medium cities across the country, membership has reached 10 thousand people. Club members distribute new products on a regular basis to try loading and Member Monthly “Let’sTalk”, Presented to members of exquisite birthday gift, and from time to time to host all kinds of beauty seminars, member Sharon, holiday parties and Mojiang activities, these measures Avon consolidate its customer, a great role in promoting.

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