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Regional appliance chain industry, the joint development of high

4 8, the first Chinese consumer Electronic Channel Business Development Forum on industrial cooperation, the various regional markets from the domestic appliance chain executives on industry policy, future development, opportunities and challenges topic, start a dialogue and exchange. Zhejiang 100 Prudential Group Co., Ltd. Ye Huizhong: Troika fully promote regional appliance chain expansion 100 Prudential […]

Real materials + innovation and technology leading U.S. energy

HC Home Network News : Recently, the third " Projects that benefit the energy-saving products "Efficient Energy Air conditioning Formally announced the promotion directory, a total of 25 models of air-conditioning company in 1655 won the bid. Among them, the air-conditioning to the United States topped the 458 models, Gree, Pescod Models, respectively 274 and […]

Reduce color printing corrugated box do color management

Related Reading: Financial crisis: China's exports of corrugated box equipment, new opportunity Three common printing corrugated box printing process Analysis Color management in ensuring the quality of printed products Color printing products to achieve the need for color management system Of printing enterprises in the application of color management Color is the color of the […]

January 22 Japanese domestic market evaluation of fish meal

Domestic fish meal market today offer a smooth, Southern part of the Port Slightly higher, holidays approaching, now part of the inquiry port capacity increase Feed Enterprises before the holiday stocking phenomenon, but the overall situation is still poor shipment, but the outer disk Stock Small prices continue to increase, although we believe that efforts […]

Development of large inventory of digital printing

All along, the digital printing many people seem to carry on the dream of the future of printing technology, along the way, stumbled, is not easy, but the pace of development of digital printing has never stopped. Since 1993, Indigo launched at IPEX, the world's first truly digital printing since the digital printing technology in […]