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Channel Business Development Forum on industrial cooperation, the various regional markets from the domestic appliance chain executives on industry policy, future development, opportunities and challenges topic, start a dialogue and exchange.


100 Prudential Group Co., Ltd. Ye Huizhong:

Troika fully promote regional appliance chain expansion

100 Prudential Group is a electronics, jewelry,


Sales-oriented large-scale commercial enterprises, company agents involved in the brand appliances, jewelry, automotive and other industries in more than 60 brands. 100 Prudential Group in the field of home appliances is Gree, Midea, Kelon, Haier,


, Little Swan, Yung-Sheng, Daikin, Sharp, Oaks, Philips, Panasonic, LG, Hitachi,


,, Galanz, TCL, Meiling and other famous enterprises home and abroad, an important long-term partnership. Among them, 2 / 3 brand sales agent for many years ranked first in the country.

Present, the company has become the brand agency, township main chain and e-commerce business structure three blocks, three carriages to keep pace with each other. Chain, particularly in rural areas, thus promoting the acquisition, merger County retailers, started with Wal-Mart, Tesco and other supermarkets comprehensive cooperation to further consolidate its market leadership position in Zhejiang province.

In addition, we actively


Area expansion, and to "Lai Pak Shing is not" professional brand cut into the family of the Integration market in its home appliances by integrating the resources to provide customers with advanced smart environmental solutions. This will be important to the future development of Honest business.


mode: Set home appliances, smart home projects a number of new business in one of the diversified large-scale commercial circulation, agents brand up to more than 60, nearly 1 / 3 is the world's top 500 products. Original farmer plowing type of operation mode, entrepreneurial passion, integrity career. With the market-oriented, customer-fundamental, effective principles-based enterprise development, promoting the enterprises bigger and stronger, into the development of sustainable and fast track, in brand management, chain restructuring, capital accumulation and so on are made so that were impressive achievements.

Xiamen International Trade Co., Ltd general manager of the Three Gorges Ye Jianfeng:

Wholesale retail building with a hybrid business development

Xiamen Three Gorges with many regional appliance chain enterprises, the current wholesale appliances of our Lord to do business. But in recent years by regional peer influence and inspiration, we also try to make the brand in Fujian pilot retail stores, and the "Sheng Yuan International Trade" brands, and "Three local" wholesale business eventually build the "wholesale + retail "dual power structure.

Present, Xiamen in Fujian Province in the Three Gorges appliance wholesale business has been 10 years time, as many home appliances manufacturers in Fujian's brand agent. Including the exchange of silver appliance chain model and the experience of a hundred honest, or Pearl, integrated experience, and we all learn from and reference in order to better achieve our wholesale business in addition to looking for a new expansion path.

Three domestic products in Fujian, nearly 2,000 home appliance sales channels for our future self to go regional brands or franchises retail business transformation, providing a better network infrastructure and transition models. Wholesaler is a middleman, is a very hard work, although we continue to profit, but also met a lot of pressure and potential challenges to future development. But we will firm direction, enlarge and strengthen the regional consumer electronics market, on the basis of the existing wholesale business, quickly push the direction of the brand chain transformation.

Mode Comments: South East franchise retail home appliance dealer representatives in transition, by the end of 2006 began to build a town electrical store, currently in Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou chain of 27 regional development and plans to enter Fuzhou, Longyan, Sanming, Putian market.

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