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All along, the digital printing many people seem to carry on the dream of the future of printing technology, along the way, stumbled, is not easy, but the pace of development of digital printing has never stopped. Since 1993, Indigo launched at IPEX, the world's first truly digital printing since the digital printing technology in hardware, software and other materials have made great progress. As a barometer of drupa the development of printing technology exhibition, and this year the theme is based on inkjet printing, digital printing surging wave of development is evident. I will attempt over the past year through the introduction of digital printing technology in all aspects of development, presenting the latest developments in digital printing technology picture.

Equipment articles In drupa2008 on 64 exhibitors showcasing the digital presses, digital printing equipment manufacturers see a large contingent of. Digital printing equipment along with the fierce market competition among firms, to rapid development. Throughout the major manufacturers of main products, digital printing equipment, printing speed showed rising and the print quality almost equal to or even more than offset characteristics.

Whenever the speed is always the focus of attention. Compared with traditional offset printing, digital printing equipment and offset if you want to print out the image close to the accuracy, its speed will be much lower than offset printing. For digital printing equipment manufacturers, the challenge of the digital offset printing, digital printing systems to improve the speed of high-precision color printing, is only way. The print quality of digital printing in the premise of ensuring the printing speed increases, the current shows the two significant development, that improved printing engine and print format of the increase.

1. Engine Improvement Kodak's Stream Concept

machines give us high-speed digital printing systems on the infinite imagination. This concept of function in 44cm wide, the current rotating system, a Kodak digital color printing presses print quality, but the speed is significantly enhanced up to 2500 / min, and a broader scope of application of the medium. Independent testing firm SpencerLAB complete digital imaging the image quality of the report: Kodak Stream Concept Press to reach the equivalent of 175 lines / inch offset printing quality, but the concept of proofs of the color gamut Stream than 175 lines / inch offset press sheet, large color gamut of 35 % black high density than offset 29% of proofs. This Kodak concentrated R & D 4 years of continuous inkjet printer to replace offset much of the momentum, the traditional offset printing equipment manufacturers may have smelled a competitive atmosphere.

Speed pursuit of enhancing the printing, digital printing equipment manufacturers have to improve its print engine, an upgrade of its existing products. To Hewlett-Packard, for example, the company will launch a top speed of 240 pages / minute Indigo7000 new printing press, the 812 dots / inch, 8 bits / pixel of the recording head can handle 775M pixels per second. The Xerox's new iGen4 also known as "the most efficient printing production, printing, best quality, single-page digital printing press," compared with its predecessor iGen3 production capacity increased by 25% to 35% and capable of producing offset and photo quality images and continuous color, its running speed of 110 pages / minute.

In addition, Xerox has introduced the concept of machine? Xerox Concept Color220, 2 sets of digital printing by integrating, to achieve the equivalent of iGen3 digital press 2 times the output speed. Currently, the dominant high-speed web-fed digital presses have HPIndigo 7000, HP Indigo W7200, NexPress s3600, OceJetStream2200, Xeikon8000, InfoPrint5000, VersamarkVL2000 so. The part of the equipment, speed and accuracy of data shown in Table 1.

2. Wide Digital Printing Referred to wide-format digital printer, I must mention Inkjet WebPress. This print width is 762mm the web press for newspapers, books and direct mail designed to market the highest printing speed can reach 2600 / min. According to HP officials claim that 30% of this machine printed version of an A4 paper, full color printing costs only 0.01 U.S. dollars, black and white printing costs only 0.0015 U.S. dollars. If this machine can be scheduled in the next year, will be the fastest printing speed, lowest cost digital printing.

Although large-format and super large-format Inkjet Area, inkjet technology is already quite mature, but wide areas of digital printing, inkjet printing technology advances in recent years shows only the strong momentum of development. Benefit from the nozzle and technological progress, more and more manufacturers to produce the same width and press the nozzle array, in order to achieve a jet can cover the entire format, do not make the paper several times through the nozzle, which greatly increased the speed of inkjet printing. Currently, representatives of wide-format digital printing products, Fuji Photo Film Company JetPress 720, Jadason company QPress, Screen's Truepress Jet SX, etc..

Truepress JetSX is the world's first inkjet printer with a trimming function, the target market for the B2 format market, inkjet technology can be used to offset the production rate of 1,600 per hour. JetPress720 owned by Fuji Photo Film Dimatix developed using a full width (720mm) print head, the print head by a high density, long life MEMS piezoelectric print element array composition, ink-jet process in 4 different sizes of ink drops, so a process can take the paper to achieve 4 different print density. Qpress equipment manufacturers from Hong Kong Jadason company brought us the surprise, which is the world's first 1 B2-format digital printer toner production, its maximum speed and maximum resolution, respectively 100A4 pages / minute, and 1200dpi . The 3 main parameters of digital printing equipment as shown in Table 2.

Products from the above three basic parameters can be seen, the current wide-format sheet-fed digital presses are mainly senior open, and has a higher printing speed and accuracy. Width is also conducive to post-printing equipment compatible with the traditional, to maintain the existing equipment investment results and minimize the investment cost.

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