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Hubei Agricultural standardized management "10

In recent years, Hubei Agricultural Management business standard management has made great progress. Motorcycle registration, safety and technical inspection, driver examination and file management, than in the past has been greatly improved compared to the various business processes in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture is basically the "four order", "Four Standards" provisions requires. According […]

Global footwear giant Yu Wei Lun, etc. Baotuan into

Reporter from Henan Province to undertake Fair for Textile and Apparel toy industry press conference was informed that the transfer, including the global footwear retail giant Wei Lun, including several foreign groups, "phase" of Henan, the textiles, clothing, footwear and other industries transferred to Henan province.     By the world financial crisis, China's textile and clothes […]

Drought in Hunan, 38 people drinking water temperature 12

Reported earlier: has been the development of meteorological drought in Southwest Hunan Hunan vertical cooling from the evening of 22 12 Reporters today learned from the Hunan Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, the current drought-hit areas of Hunan mainly in Western Hunan Province, drought has resulted in Zhangjiajie, Western Hunan Autonomous Prefecture, Huaihua, […]

Standard less than the quality of large home appliances small home appliances hi

Ms. Wang Changsha in Changsha, late last year bought a plastic market, a hair dryer. The first day after washing hair with a new hair dryer blow, but just blowing less than two minutes, I heard the sound of snapped hair dryer, not a ring. , "Hair is not dry, buy a new hair and […]

Attractive prospects for China’s new energy industry

  The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2010 the output value of global alternative energy market will reach 625 billion U.S. dollars. The new energy industry has therefore become a new round of international competition, the strategic high ground. The case of China, because China’s new energy and other emerging industries in the ascendant, industry […]