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UV Ink imitating metal etching process introduced screen printing decoration imi

UV imitation metal etching Print , Also known as scrub or sand surface printing, are in a shiny metallic mirror substrates (such as gold, silver cardboard) printed on the layer of rugged translucent ink and after ultraviolet (UV) curing, can produce similar to the bright metal surface is etched or frosted effect. Imitation metal etching […]

Zhejiang nerve affects the iron ore negotiations with Zhejiang enterprises grew

HC Valve Network: China Steel Industry Association has a statement saying the international iron ore price negotiations for 2009 are the traditional rules of normal conduct in the negotiations. Yesterday, vacation in Malaysia, general manager of Zhejiang Cheng Chen Liang fruit materials, iron ore negotiations closely every move. Steel prices forced traders to adjust positions […]

Interpretation: Triangle 85.01 yuan opened on Strong Reasons Why blitz?

April 2, three new shares while landing small board, Union on Strong (002 383) in the "Yao Ming", under the halo of stars, has been the concern of most people, struck by the whirling tide of funds. As of April 2 at noon, the stock was up 141.78% compared to IPO price of 89.46 yuan, […]

RFID tag and bar code

Radio frequency technology and bar code What is the difference? Conceptually, the two are very similar, the aim of quickly and accurately track the object recognition. The main differences are as follows: whether the written information or update the memory capacity. Bar code memory can not be changed. Unlike bar code radio frequency tags, its […]

Illegal practice kill children "expired village doctors" trial court [

Anhui Province to Tianjin from the illegal practice of rural doctors Gongmou in to a 4 year old children infusion process, the child due to "anaphylactic shock" death. Yesterday, the local rural doctors in the city of Hebei District People's Court for trial. Trial, the accused with a good attitude, and the child the parents […]