Reduce color printing corrugated box do color management

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Three common printing corrugated box printing process Analysis

Color management in ensuring the quality of printed products

Color printing products to achieve the need for color management system

Of printing enterprises in the application of color management

Color is the color of the same product and the gap between standard samples. Color gradually become the focus of our customers and become a barrier of market competition, as a Packaging Printing Corporate brand, a corporate fight in the market for a two-edged sword. In fact, customer requirements have been imposed on the color for Package Printing enterprises, this is a double-edged sword. Color control, and can be to defeat rivals, if not properly controlled, then, will meet the customer complaints, returns, or even the market ruthlessly eliminated.

The prevalence of the sales package to promote the role of its advertising is getting its protection. Therefore, the customer requirements of product color will be more specific, or even digitization. However, my Corrugated paper Box no national standard explicit requirements of this project, but most refer to the "offset printed decoration" in the color requested. But Corrugated Carton packaging speaking, do some far-fetched. According to the author's observation and conclusion, color corrugated box products are divided into three situations:

Color difference between the same batch of product

GB/T2828.1-2003/ISO2859-1: 1999 provides that: grant that would bring together a number of products, materials or services (or known as the implementation of the pooled sample test of the unit product). Sub-batch and continuous batch isolated lot. In the same production batch in a series of continuous production, as long as the product Design , Structure, process, main raw materials and other production conditions the same, namely, continuous batch. Can not be approved for the continuous isolation of the batch as batch, such as a single batch, batch and so few. Our actual production, there are often both. Color difference with the standard approved in GB/T7705 in 2.4 this has been provided in table 5: Eab less than 5.00.

Color difference between different batches Between different batches of product color differences. National standards or industrial standards no clearly defined, the general license in accordance with customer requirements to develop the scope of (some clients to develop the color depth, the shallow three standard sample). Although this standard can be artificially relaxed some, but now consumers demand increase, businesses will never allow a larger color display their products in the supermarket counter. Therefore, some different batches of color standards and the same batch as the same color. In fact, the standard is very challenging.

Between different color package printing factory

This color difference is mainly raw material supplies, personnel of technology, production environment, the different result, can be said that any part of the difference may have resulted in the color packaging. Color range of products of different manufacturers generally slightly wider than the other, but it is also very limited.

For the understanding of color, first, from experience, observation, and second, by measuring instruments. Most enterprises now relies mainly on the first approach, using UV Density Density or detection of the business or rare. Well, two ways one is better then? The author believes that: the color of understanding, these two approaches have short feet, inch a director. Empirical observation of the disadvantages are: unstable, people with visual changes in the external environment, physiological changes of mood change, is likely to result in printing color difference. The spectral density instrument, relatively speaking, the more scientific and stable, but high cost, and now the printing corrugated lines lower, larger networks, the different measurement methods will result in large errors. However, under the corrugated packaging development, the color of the data measurement and data Management Is the trend.

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