Fair Observation: Enterprise 4 Strokes Against The “rule Of Three Four

Click bursting of the 107th Canton Fair for Electrical and Mechanical The first product based on yesterday (April 19) in Pazhou ended. Current Canton Fair to visit the various exhibition hall reporter found that after Financial After the baptism of the crisis, export enterprises “Internal Strength” surge. Particularly the recent “three-rate price of four” (the RMB exchange rate, deposit and lending rates, export tax rebate rate and crude oil prices, raw material prices, labor prices, export prices) troubled comeback, but also boost export enterprises to accelerate innovation and brand onto Road.

Data show, the Canton Fair exhibition hall a transaction occurs the pattern of volume and price go up. At 17, the Electrical and Mechanical Museum turnover increased 15.34% over the previous Autumn Fair, Spring Fair growth over the previous 43.39%; Minmetals Chemical industry Museum of transactions up by 21.49%.

1 Innovation Strategy

Out of homogenization for the initiative

Although the buyers will be increased, but the “rule of three four-price” under the influence, exhibitors still raise prices on screenwriters. Direct price increase is not the answer, so many companies were forced to innovation and upgrading, introduction of new products and new technologies to increase the added value to help businesses raise prices.

“Internet TV , Thin LCD TV , 3D TV … … This is one-third session of the products on display are new. “Chuangjia Electronic Chen vice president of the company overseas markets all have to reporters said that this year in the upgrading of products, many customers were very interested in, we reached several new and old customers to order intention. Chuang Jia Electronic companies such as not unusual. Hongyu ceramic stand head Wu Jianfeng showed reporters a 3D glazed tiles, he said, “This is our self-developed products this year, the Canton Fair the next couple of days ago a dozen cabinet orders.” It is understood the firm is R & D efforts in this new R & D center has a building, has introduced market-leading products.

Electronics exporters, electronic leader Mr. Du Lei Yang is deeply understands, “the annual Canton Fair, the same highly competitive electronic products. Respond to competition, we only get rid of homogeneity in order to win business initiative.”

2 Pricing Strategy Mid-range price of high-grade products

Reporters learned that most innovative companies adhere to the financial crisis remain major adverse economic growth in 2009.

Wu Jianfeng, said last year in peer-Heavy 3 percent, while exports, which exports about 10% of the company’s growth. “Our major ‘killer’ is the quality and innovation.” He also said the company’s products have now reached even higher standards than the European market standard, also increased the competition threshold.

“We’re selling high-end products and mid-range price, in the European market, similar products more expensive than our products 80%. Customers have no reason not to choose us.” Wu Jianfeng said.

In addition, develop new products more Environmental protection , Less material, lower overall costs, energy consumption can be reduced new 5% -8%. “The key material is developed independently, to master core technologies, without reliance on foreign imports, the cost savings, but the price increase.”

Nine Yang Sell HUANG Hai-bin, said manager on the company 10 years ago, tens of millions from the sales, did 7.0 billion last year, primarily due to new products more quickly capture the market and lead the market, far behind competitors .

3 Intellectual Property Strategy

700 registered trademark of the world

“4? 26 World Intellectual Property Day” approaching, the innovation is enterprise value, but also more and more companies focus on innovation and intellectual property protection after.

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