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Buy Energy Saving Energy Saving Traditional Large Appliances Small Home Applianc

“We this Rice cooker Be Energy Product than ordinary rice cooker for more than 30% to energy conservation. “In the West Anhui Road, appliance stores, a brand rice cooker Sell Officer, said. “Ah, energy conservation is energy conservation, however Small appliances How much electricity consumption it? Or buy the cheaper models of some of it. […]

Tianjin: Search For “11” Golden Weeks Price Cuts Home Appliances

SLR below 8,000 yuan widescreen notebook less than 4,000 yuan LCD TV Zuigao Jiang million a general lowering of prices of classic mobile phones Although the Golden Week drive sales price reduction is the main arms manufacturers, but some prices were really eye-popping, 800-megapixel digital camera less than 1000 yuan, flower desktop prices to buy […]

Li Dongsheng, “shotgun

11 16 on the evening, TCL Group to the capital market throws a heavy news: the company will and deep ultra-invested 24.5 billion yuan to build its 8.5 generation LCD panel Production line. To support the project forward, TCL also announced a billion and fund-raising not more than 50 additional programs. Announcement the next day, […]

Health Threat From Cosmic Rays

The deep-space radiation environment The radiation environment of deep space is very different from that on the earth’s surface or in low earth orbit, due to the much larger flux of high-energy galactic cosmic rays (GCRs), along with radiation from solar proton events and the radiation belts. Life on the earth’s surface is protected from […]

Pvc Improve The Petrochemical And Plastics Futures Market System

Deputy General Manager Liu Dalian Commodity Exchange has held the military in the tenth, said the Chinese chlor-alkali Forum, PVC futures will further improve the petrochemical and plastics market system, leading industry resources to promote the healthy development of the industry to promote the market-set prices and production business model changes.     Liu Jun of the […]