Li Dongsheng, “shotgun

11 16 on the evening,


Group to the capital market throws a heavy news: the company will and deep ultra-invested 24.5 billion yuan to build its 8.5 generation

LCD panel

Production line. To support the project forward, TCL also announced a billion and fund-raising not more than 50 additional programs.

Announcement the next day, TCL Group, opening limitless daily limit, daily limit of 18 spikes again.

Time back two years, TCL Group has performed a similar story. November 29, 2007, TCL announced a non-public offering of programs, plans and fund-raising 16.9637 billion, the goal is to raise funds to invest and liquid crystal module project. However, unfortunately, frequently encountered the Commission reject the financing proposal, TCL three additional programs easily. To final approval, the funding has shrunk nearly half the size, more importantly, greatly delayed the construction of the original investment.

If the last financial package a “shotgun” and then this time, Li Dongsheng was moved out of “guns,” Li Dongsheng work


City, introduced the most advanced production line, in order to break through to the TV production upstream. TCL In the past two years, gradually return to the main industry, but has been suffering from shortage of funds. In the highly competitive

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Industry, the company expanded into the survival of the industry chain will be indisputable, but whether the breakout success of TCL has bundled with the financing of the success or failure.

The last two years of additional financing, the biggest obstacle came from the Commission. Now, put in the TCL is the same problem before, financing can into being, about the future.


Two years ago, Li Dongsheng high hopes on the LCD module project, seen as a breakthrough for television’s “final blow.” Additional time if successful, not only can ease the loss after continuous flow of funds resulting from the tension, but also related to the LCD module’s fate.

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learned from an industry, in 2007 launched the project on TCL LCD module is a very attractive project. On the one hand, LCD module will increase the profitability of TCL, one stroke change in the upstream supply of LCD panels and supporting the kinds of dilemmas; the other hand, can get from the state and local government support, this project will be a series of policy concessions.

On TCL, if the LCD module project can be launched quickly into production, not only in the TCL


Machine industry chain by upgrading to the 70% of the value chain, but also promote the integration of its resources, process management, inventory management, value chain development, a change that only 25% of the value of space before the machine manufacturing side of the situation.

In TCL2007 share of funds raised on the feasibility of using the address that was planned project of construction the main two: the small and medium size LCD TV modules integrated manufacturing projects, large-size high-definition LCD TV modules together Manufacturing project. Both projects plan to invest 1.4 billion yuan.

LCD module (LCM) is the liquid crystal display devices, connectors, integrated circuit, PCB circuit board, backlight, structural component parts assembled together. In the entire value chain, LCD TV, LCD panel, 30% -35% ratio, but investment in LCD production is huge, relatively high technical risk, high capital barriers to many domestic enterprises is difficult to enter the industry, the liquid crystal mainly by foreign manufacturers supply panel.

And LCD TV module (LCM-TV) accounted for the entire value chain, as high as 35% -40%, Manufacture of LCD TV modules and combined accounted for 70% of the entire value chain. According to TCL description, intervention LCD TV extension module LCD TV business is not only an effective value chain, can also get more space and higher value-added level of profitability.

The funding has been delayed repeatedly, TCL originally launched in 2007 on LCD module project until the end of 2008 was finally able to start production.

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