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We’ll show you, step by step, how Webdigg will help you in answering almost any question you may have about your website:-

How much traffic is coming to my site?

The two most important parameters are:

a) Number of Visitors
b) Number of Page Views

The Number of Visitors shows you how many users come to your site and request a page. The visitor can move around your site visiting several pages, however he will still be counted as only one visitor. An exception to this rule occurs in the rare occasion when a visitor takes more than half an hour (or the amount of time set by your host) to click from one page to another, in which case the program will register two visitors.

The Page Views parameter indicates how many pages have been requested. It is a very important number because it is indicative of the “stickiness” of your site. Stickiness is a good thing: if, for example, your statistics show 10 visitors, but 50 page views, it means that, on average, each visitor has viewed 5 pages. A large “page views per visitor” ratio usually means that your site is so interesting and valuable that users are inclined to “stick around” and explore.

Information about competitors?

This is a unique concept which help you in finding you with all information about your competitors website. As every website in this market faces competition. Our concept will help you in finding you with all related website which are similar to your websites.

A person building a website should be aware about what kind of websites are related to his website. Getting Complete information will help in deciding the niche in the market.

When is traffic coming in?

You can also find out when are visitors coming to your site. You will find statistics by month, by day and even by hour. This can be useful in a variety of circumstances. For example, if you publish new content, you may want to release it during the moments of more traffic. Your statistics will help you by identifying the days or hours when more people are likely to visit your site.

Finally, you will also have access to other interesting data, like the IP addresses of your visitors, the browsers they are using, and even the countries they are coming from.

Altogether, the information you gather from your website’s traffic statistics will provide you with a wealth of valuable insights, so that you can continuously fine tune your internet marketing strategy to bring more traffic to your site.

Who are tweeting on to your website?

Tweeting is for the website twitter. It is a very popular website. When you “tweet” on twitter you are simply updating what you are doing which can be helpful to friends, family and even co-workers.

Tweeting is when you write what you are doing in the box. Just like when you talk; you are talking.You update and post bulletins on Twitter.We help you in finding the latest tweets people are tweeting about your website.

We help you in finding web statistics?

The purpose of analyzing your Web Directory is to look for trends and to research the success level of your marketing campaigns. The numbers themselves can be misleading, as statistical packages count “hits” in different ways. If someone visits a page on your site doesn’t mean that they read it completely.

The idea with web site statistics, then, is to look for trends. Instead of looking at the numbers a concrete items, look at them over time to see if they’re increasing or decreasing. For example, if you do an internet marketing campaign, then look at your web site statistics to see if the campaign increased the number of hits to your site.

We provide you with whois information?

A whois lookup lets you view who owns a domain name, when it will expire and basic DNS information.The Whois information for your website or domain name includes your name, address and phone number. If your contact information has changed from what is currently listed in your Whois info, you can update it to reflect your current information listed on your domain name registrar’s website.
We help you in finding whois information about the person owning the site.

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