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With more web-enabled devices coming into the market every day, accessing the internet is not the same as it once was. Websites that are designed for a standard computer screen are soon going to become obsolete. Web designers are now looking at new ways to design web pages that can load perfectly on a number of devices all with a different resolutions and screen size. Responsive Web Design, as it is called, entails designing web sites that can sense and adapt to the screen size of the device they are being accessed or viewed from.


The aim of Responsive Web Design is to create uncompromised user experiences for all web-enabled devices from mobiles to tablets. This includes creating web designs that will rearrange the content, adjust font sizes and resizes graphics and other elements to adapt to the screen size of visitor’s device. All this has to be done while maintaining backward compatibility with standard sized computer screens.


There are several techniques used to design responsive web pages. Web designs can be made with HTML5 and CSS3 web designing tools and languages. In CSS3 there is a feature known as media query that makes responsive web pages a reality. This media querying capability allows designers to define certain rules within the CSS based on the size of the screen of the web-enabled device thus controlling the way designs can adapt to various screen sizes. Apart from adjusting layouts, CSS provides the option to define graphics in the design and send optimized versions of the images that can fit into the adapted web pages.


As a web design company in Brisbane, we understand the need to change the way website have to be designed as the future of web designing lies in responsive websites. It is not an uncommon sight in Brisbane to see people using their personal devices while on the go. As the number of web-enabled personal devices such as smartphones and tablets grows, so does the need for an adaptive website for your business.


A website that does not display properly on the mobile device being used to access it is a definite turn-off. Before your know it, the user will leave your website and move on to your competitors. If your competitor turns out to be smarter than you and has a responsive website, you might as well consider to have lost your business to them.

To make the most of your search engine optimization and internet marketing techniques that have very efficiently put you on top of the search engine page result, you have to redesign your website for smart personal devices. Web design company offers the unique solutions for responsive websites that are customized for your business. If your website needs lots of graphics, or has informative content that you would not like to be lost when viewed from a device, we have just the solution for you. Web design company is the preferred web solutions company in Brisbane and Australia for designing cost effective responsive websites for your business.

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