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April Zhejiang Enterprises Increased Recruitment Of A Rebound Into The Hardware

Recently, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released the latest data, in April purchasing managers index (PMI) rose to 52.4 from the 53.5 in March, the second consecutive month to 50 above. Before the index is 5 consecutive months below 50. According to data provided by Hangzhou Municipal Economic Commission, the lead began to pick […]

Air Source Heat Pump Hot Water Unit Failure Analysis

Abstract: Looking at the current domestic air source Heat Pump Hot water unit engineering application, most problems are mostly concentrated in the installation less than 1 year, look at it from the water are concentrated in the 10 tons of water within a single or two units for multiple. Keywords: Application of air-source heat pump […]

File Area Network

Background Data storage technology over the years has evolved from a direct attached storage model (DAS) to two other means of connecting applications to their storage namely Network Attached Storage (NAS) and a Storage Area Network (SAN). Since all three techniques generally differ after the file system API level, it is possible to move between […]

Chuan Manufacturers To Re

Entered after 2010, the urethane product has been rising continuously, the 40D prices rose to 54,000 yuan after the Spring Festival / ton. Spandex industry-related news from yesterday’s market understands that the recent domestic spandex manufacturers may become widespread price increases by 10%. As the degree of industry, economy recovery, spandex plate to start again, […]

Card Offset Press Paper Does Not Go Smoothly Common Troubleshooting

Fault Description: Paper each nest, and still take the paper is not smooth, especially the 180 grams of white cards, other paper should be pressing to have one side of a press release to the Indian, it is difficult to see, and all Big Mexican Small Mexican business card cool no matter how long, when […]