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Textile Enterprises “going Out” To Go Far Faster Pace

By the end of March, at the centenary Qixian rely hundred Tong Tong Holdings Group (Vietnam) Yarn Co., Ltd., to more than 10 million dollars worth of spandex successfully exported to Vietnam. “With Vietnam’s offshore export window is the company’s first attempt to expand the international market. Next, we plan to set up offshore Brazil […]

Five Factors Have Constrained The Development Of Cotton Textile Industry

This year, cotton prices continue to rise as the mills are showing sales booming in recent years, a rare sight. However, this unexpected market conditions did not allow companies gave all sorts of seemingly hot market, companies have not thought practical benefits as well, the surface of the red-hot in this behind the deep-seated contradictions […]

Carton Industry: To Carry Out The Direction For The Development Of Conservation

China Carton The market industry a few years ago Competition Intense price competition are the main means, resulting in decreased product quality, economic decline, which is not consistent with Market economy Law of development. China Package Federation of the Council installed the sixth three times: “conscientiously implement the Fourth Plenary Session of the Third Central […]

Pig Grain Price Ratio Below The Break Point And Do Not Support Pig Farmers Facin

So far, Shandong Province and Jinan City The price of pork Has been a downward trend for 4 weeks. Price of meat fell from students Pig price Lower, the relevant departments to monitor display, Shandong Province Pig Grain price ratio 6:1 for two consecutive weeks below the breakeven point, pig Cultivation Industry loss. Next, pig […]

Why Be No Make

Cosmetic Brand marketing is becoming more generally developed a new brand, they all want to brand positioning, this is a good thing. However, many make-up brand positioning and did not achieve the desired effect, namely, brand positioning, but did not get a real, beneficial, practical “seat” will result in no place, such as street Akira […]