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Rice cooker



Product than ordinary rice cooker for more than 30% to energy conservation. “In the West Anhui Road, appliance stores, a brand rice cooker


Officer, said. “Ah, energy conservation is energy conservation, however

Small appliances

How much electricity consumption it? Or buy the cheaper models of some of it. “Clearly, and energy efficiency compared to the price consumers more impressed Ms. Lee’s heart.


Environmental protection

Ideas to take root, there is a growing focus on the choice of energy-saving appliances, but yesterday, the reporter found in the visit, people purchasing energy saving appliances, the clear showing “significant light small.” Tend to focus only on


, Air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other traditional energy consumption of major household appliances than at the expense of rice cookers, water heaters,

Electric pressure cooker

, Electric kettles, water dispensers and other small household appliances power saving features. The industry believes that, in fact, these neglected small appliances, although the size “small”, power large one, power consumption is not less than the number of large home appliances, it is worth promoting energy-efficient home appliances.

The visit, the reporter in some brands of small appliances dealers and learned advocacy color page for the current appliance “energy boom”, a number of small household electrical appliances have introduced energy-saving version, the power saving, there are a their characteristics, many of energy-saving products that version than the regular version can save 30-50% energy consumption.

But compared to the traditional large appliances, small household electrical appliances have not been saving consumer’s attention, the reporter interviewed some random people, Ms. Lee had largely the same idea, that small home appliances small size, power consumption certainly less than the large home appliances more on price, energy-saving small appliances have to more expensive, at least your half, you double up, people that do not plan to, rather than spend hundreds, not as purchase money of ordinary version.

Jiefang Road in the Luan, a home appliance store, merchants said that the current energy-saving air-conditioning sales to total sales accounted for six, Qi Cheng above, energy saving refrigerator, washing machine sales is even higher proportion of non-energy saving products have been very few Some people buy more, some less well-off families and rural users. In contrast, sales of energy-saving small appliances slumped to the poor more than the average 30% of the total.

But the industry believes that, in fact, the energy consumption and small appliances can not be determined in accordance with its volume to the contrary, the energy consumption of a number of small appliances but more than some major household appliances, such as kettles,


And so on. It is estimated that a typical electric stove often used more than in 1000-1200 watts of power, the average annual energy consumption and a washing machine is almost the same, but the daily energy consumption of an ordinary rice cooker or even on more than one energy-saving refrigerators. Therefore, it is worth to promote energy-saving home appliances and optional.

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