Pvc Improve The Petrochemical And Plastics Futures Market System

Deputy General Manager Liu Dalian Commodity Exchange has held the military in the tenth, said the Chinese chlor-alkali Forum, PVC futures will further improve the petrochemical and plastics market system, leading industry resources to promote the healthy development of the industry to promote the market-set prices and production business model changes.

    Liu Jun of the PVC futures market the past 10 months showing the four characteristics.

    First, rapid market activity, and maintain high liquidity. As of the end of February, PVC involved nearly 100,000 customers, average daily trading volume of 210,000 hand, position the scale by the end of 2009 almost 200,000 hand.

    Second, the structure is more reasonable market participants, each link in the chain influence the rise. To the end of February, corporate customers accounted for 20% of transactions, positions close to 50%, more than or close to other more mature species involved in the industrial customers, manufacturers and traders account for a large proportion of the downstream consumer business showed positive participation in momentum.

    Third, the convergence of the current market close, the delivery was smooth. So far the total 250 thousand tons PVC futures delivery, delivery amounted to 1.75 billion, in DCE library and other additional measures to ensure delivery, the delivery smooth, good convergence.

    Fourth, the market features are beginning to participate in the growing use of enterprise. With the training and development of PVC futures, futures prices and spot prices now show a good convergence, futures prices also reflect the expectations of some advance by cash corporate attention. Some companies use the futures market to avoid risks to achieve good results.

    Liu military that, PVC futures will generate many of petrochemical industry. First of all, will further improve the petrochemical and plastics market system, the process of promoting the petrochemical industry market, improve the level of industrial information; second is the will form the domestic PVC market price reference centers, service enterprises adjust production ?? guide the industry resource allocation; again is through the main types of hedging operations, the risk transfer industry, and promote the healthy development of the industry; the last is to promote the market-set prices and production business model changes.

    Overall, the future of PVC futures in chlor-alkali industry will play an increasingly important role in the futures market risk management function is being recognized more and more enterprises, but also the future of coal and PVC raw materials upstream of the price of crude oil fluctuations will become the norm, and thus bring the price of PVC frequent fluctuations in futures in the role of enterprise risk aversion will continue to enhance.

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