Museology See Five Major Trends Published In The Mainstream Low Carbon Reading

From bamboo to Sibo, from Sibo to paper, from paper to screen, books have been accompanied by technological progress and continue to evolve. Museology at this time, digital publishing display different reading experience, people suddenly discovered that reading has stepped on stage in the new technology on the. Perhaps, then step by step, the entire publishing industry will be profound changes.

Trend of a : Low carbon to read into the mainstream

Fair Pavilion Press and Publication of the most striking feature is the green and low carbon. Digital age can be read without leaving home, this is a low-carbon and Environmental protection Trend. Books, reading books are available through the Internet or mobile networks. Read by the computer, reader, cell phone … … more and more display terminals a new book and Electronic Book distribution channels.

Founder Group Senior Vice President Fang Zhonghua that the ubiquitous display terminals, including mobile phones, computers, Internet this, reader, iPhone, iPad, PSP, will be published in the future a new channel, which is a low-carbon the general trend of the times.

Trends: Demand Increased demand printing With the popularity of digital reading, the industry pointed out that the traditional printing of publications will be less and less, and will accordingly produce on-demand printing. The cost of more expensive paper-based book, usually the traditional publishing industry, higher operating costs, which makes on-demand printing to become a possibility. Age of the Internet makes the book more convenient and India, in the Fair scene, showing more than their print on demand printing program, just a simple operation on the Internet, more than 100 yuan of investment, the development can be requested by the consumer Printing a book they like.

Reporter at the scene learned that the figures published in the Journal of intellectual property base is trying to print on demand. According to the former president of Dong Tieying introduction of IP Technology, Intellectual Property Press compilation of historical materials, a project is close to 20 million in revenue, the book has been Digital Printing The more than 15,000 kinds, more than 100 million copies, indicates the prospects of on-demand printing.

Trend three: advantage of a strong integration of resources

Traditional publishers will be increasingly concentrated, the bigger, stronger Hengqiang that, accordingly, there may be many traditional publishing houses slowly disappeared.

China Publishing Group, the idea of digital publishing, but also indicates the arrival of large platforms. China Publishing Group, Cheng-Yong Liu, general manager of digital media, using 20 words summed up as: intensive unity, trinity, build alliances, copyright the first comprehensive Cooperation . Cheng-Yong Liu that the content just is not enough to do, must platforms, channels and terminal combination of alliances, cooperation, build a network of digital publishing in China. Large platform will be built in China Digital Publishing Network Digital Publishing’s first portal in China. Cheng-Yong Liu said that cloud computing technology based on the content of resource integration will be the industrial development.

Trends IV: publishing more detailed division of labor

“The future of publishing only do one thing, that is dedicated to do the content, all other items can be outsourced.” Fang Zhonghua think so, and now many of the figures published in the paper is a simple digital books, the many original printed paper books, and then brought back edit. Fang Zhonghua think this is a waste of resources, and a new generation of digital publishing systems will solve the problem. According to Fang Zhonghua

introduced nearly more than 10,000 Taiwan published in institutions that are not great, but excellence in content. Surgery, specializing, to play professional talents of publishing detailed figures would be published in a future direction.

Trend 5: great potential for professional publishing

Museology at a publishing experts believe that international publishers are really making money earned in the professional field, so the publishing industry in China, including in the field of digital publishing, the future competitiveness of the professional publishing sector will growing domestic market will be further broken down.

Intellectual property published by professional services organization providing customized, produced in Shandong marine database, Erie’s dairy database, the customer database analysis system developed to obtain a high yield. The People’s Medical Press, start from the professional medical digital library, this can be successfully developed a number of market Sell New cross-media digital medical publishing products. Medicine has launched cross-media books, cross-media network to read cards, cross-media e-book CD-ROM, touch ebook reader, the Chinese central database of medical resources, as well as read from the network card, e-book CD-ROM and paper-based books and more organic integration carrier complex publications, and rely on these products to achieve a profitable digital product innovation.

Press Club president and editor in chief of People’s Medical School into the Qi that the reason why professional publishing more than other publishers in the digital publishing arena, most notably because of the professional publishing business simple, clear boundary; rooted industry branch Fan Ye Mao; conditions, the ability of the system resources of the industry, depth, continuous integration, which is the essential premise of digital publishing and conditions.

Integrate industry resources, proficient in professional background and industry background, it is the unique advantages of professional publishing. Qi Xue-Jin believes that integration of content resources sector, in addition to a general, routine things, in particular, should be placed on the standard class, base class, advanced class, the authority of the class content resources, the authority to do the professional information providers and lay a solid foundation reserves of stamina.

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