Zhaopin Loss Of 92.8 Million Yuan In 2009: Has Been Losing Money For Three Years

Worry a major victory in the future when the industry losses, and even withdrawal, came news of the closure.

IResearch Consulting expects China’s online recruitment market in 2009 reached 1.2 billion in size, but the market’s gains were not many. Recently, worry-free future disclosure report shows that in 2009 its revenues reached 817 million yuan, of which 4 of an online recruitment business, its market share rose to 27.6%.

Profits up by 6 times Last Friday, worry-free future after the release of fourth quarter financial report, by the beautiful performance of the stimulus, after the closing bell that its share price rose 5.77%. Reporter noted that the fourth quarter of worry-free future operating profit 41.7 million yuan, a year earlier the figure was only 5.9 million yuan rose as high as 606 percent. Future high-tech companies worry just got the qualifications of their income tax rates sharply.

Although in 2009 suffered the worst economic downturn over the past decade, future worries still achieve up to 817 million yuan of total revenue, down only slightly from 2008, retaining its position as industry leader status. Investors also worry-free future is quite optimistic about market prospects, in March 2009 in the Nasdaq stock market, only 6 dollars, has now turned a 3 turn, to 18 dollars. Worry-free future performance of the company CEO Zhenrong Hui cost structure due to the adjustment and economic recovery in China.

Stakeholders told reporters, worry-free future are sought after mainly due to its dominant position in the market, but this company is the only one of the industry to maintain a continuous profit enterprises.

Zhaopin losing money for 3 years

Internet industry winner takes all, the strong Always the Winner of the theory should permit once been. In the Web search market, Baidu’s market share up to 6 percent or more, in the online game market, Tencent’s market share more than 2 percent. Online recruitment market, on worries a major victory in the future when the industry losses, and even withdrawal, came news of the closure.

Just last month, the largest shareholder in Zhaopin SEEK Australia, the company also released financial report, which Zhaopin second half of 2009 operating income of 1.79 billion yuan, half not, and worry-free future. The performance report also pointed out that under the current account Zhaopin SEEK shares 56.1%, SEEK on Zhaopin investment losses of about 20.75 million yuan. This means that Zhaopin the year 2009 after-tax operating loss of 92.8 million yuan, while losses narrowed last year, but the loss has been sustained for 3 years.

Foreign job market dilemma IResearch report analysis, and the Internet, like other areas, foreign investment in Chinese online recruitment market is poor. ChinaHR recruiting giant Monster in the United States after the completion of the acquisition, operational decision-making power also turned over to the outside, with its revenue, with the future flow of further widening the gap between worry-free. In addition to experiencing an economic crisis, ChinaHR also experienced a management rotation, the acquisition of the turmoil and layoffs storm. After the change in management, according to Monster.com web site only a certain degree of revision, the rest of the move without too much.

Ireland still Lung Group acquired five recruitment site, has been the lack of convincing results. From the traffic on the analysis of network traffic down my work significantly. Japan Enjapan associated with the network of excellence Cooperation Investment involves 10 million U.S. dollars, once you feel the industry category for the bright future of recruitment websites. But now, there is no effect of this cooperation has been quietly terminated. Library Group in Hong Kong before the establishment of 15 million yuan has been invested elite recruitment, and develop cooperation with the NetEase online recruitment business, a time favoritism. But less than a year and a half, Hong Kong before library groups to halt the recruitment of elite recruitment network in mainland newspaper business, retaining only part of the online recruitment business.

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