Haier “torch 2008” Steam Release Switch Wave Oven In Beijing

? October 26, 2005, “Torch 2008”

Haier Beijing 2008 steam switch first wave oven

Olympics Product Launch at the Beijing International

Meeting Center. To support the Beijing Olympic Games, as well as athletes with a reasonable diet, Haier No. 1-20, “Torch 2008” products to the national taekwondo team. It is reported that, “Torch 2008” steam transfer wave oven for sale on 20,008 units worldwide.

? White as the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games sponsorship??? Haier arm of the Department of microwave products, in

Price war Been heated in the microwave industry, and always adhere to the technical innovation. To meet consumer demand as the starting point, to meet Chinese cooking habits, introduced the world’s fourth microwave oven??? Steam switch wave oven, open up and lead a new generation of microwave oven market, the industry leader in technological innovation.

? Beijing 2008 Olympic Games first product??? Haier steam transfer wave oven “Flame 2008”, on September 29th production base in Qingdao, a successful downline. It has a unique addition to the Olympic track-style look, but also designed for Olympic athletes sports nutrition menus tailored to the Chinese athletes for the five continents, and Western menu, into the “environmental protection, science and technology, fashion, quality, human” five gene, design rational, functional human. In addition to energy saving, fast and convenient, safe home, functional and practical and green, more importantly, establish a nutrition

Expert Image. Wave through the integration of the bottom to steam technology, which

Cycle Technology and microwave shielding technology, the food, “steamed Feng”, “steamed Yan”, “steam fresh”, that can be steamed so rich varieties, look bright, fresh nutritional meals to maintain.

? This will be the new choices available to the country specially taekwondo team, Haier has its own purpose. In the 2004 Athens Olympics, the only team “gold hundred percent” in

Team Which one? The answer is the national taekwondo team, they have only two players participate in the competition, but the golf project the total number of eight gold medals in the “special significance” of the two, a hundred percent genuine gold medal team. This detachment is self-reliance, hard work, tenacity and hard work, patriotism, etc.

Spirit , And similar to the growth of Haier microwave oven. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games as a white sponsor Haier, are also into the microwave oven Olympics preparations in this exhibition, “Taekwondo”, red gold and silver medals.

? National taekwondo team official said, the first Olympic Games Beijing 2008 products??? “Torch 2008”, R & D for the Olympic athletes, training for our members to provide strong support. Haier microwave oven continuously creative, entrepreneurial spirit, it deserves our sports workers learn.

? Haier’s innovative long time, and to this innovative integration into the entire enterprise development, and even promote the industry development. China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said the head of Haier’s move is significant not only develop new products, and white as the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games sponsor, also will lead into the Chinese home appliance industry

Sports Marketing New era. ?? The world famous ”

Competition Strategy Father “Michael? Porter pointed out that the company’s competitive strategy in three ways: cost-leadership type, unconventional type and objectives of the cluster type. He said:” The best battle is that competitors have not prepared yet to adapt to less competitive market segments. “Haier microwave oven is working hard market by continuously maverick. It has introduced transfer wave oven, microwave oven fourth world??? Steam transfer wave oven and the first Olympic Games Beijing 2008 products, each can be described as a microwave oven industry subversive action.

? It is understood that the first Olympic Games Beijing 2008 products just off the assembly line not long after, in 2005 China International Kitchen

Bathroom Products Exhibition on access to the ”

Kitchen New Award “designation. August 31, 2005, 30 million transfer wave oven Haier steam offline in Qingdao, Haier, this marks the waves turn the steam oven in the market short of a historic breakthrough and lead the microwave industry into the steam Period. “11”

Golden Week Period, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Qingdao Haier turn wave oven steam

Sell Hot, or even grow exponentially.

? According to reports, the top technology in China, Haier has a steam transfer wave oven, one in the second half of the important measures is to continue to refine the consumer market, again

Integrate “Steam transfer wave” technology, rich midrange product line. A set of products, technology, market strength in a microwave oven


Microwave oven in the world, take more market share.

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