Appliance Industry: The Strong Rebound In Sales In October Sales Over 12 Billion

Event Overview By Appliances to the countryside

Information system statistics, as of October 31, 2009, through the information system of production enterprises has shipped 65,875,085 registered cases.

Sell Enterprise information system through the sales of home appliances to the countryside products registered 27,877,824 units worth a total of 50,841,647,279 yuan, information systems, sales of home appliances in the countryside registered products:

Refrigerator 13,670,203 units, color TV 5,788,383 units, 1,133,468 mobile phone department,

Washing machine 3,412,338 units, computer 790,548 units, air conditioning 2,431,856 units, a storage-type

Water Heater 231,195 units, gas water heater 6,833 sets, microwave ovens 43,739 units

Cooker 68,573 sets, 300,688 sets of solar water heaters.

Investment Highlights: 1.10 cumulative amount of sales on Super 12 billion, sales up 123% chain

Home appliances to the countryside information system

latest statistics show that from January to October 2009, the National Information System for registration by the home appliances to the countryside selling products totaled 27,877,800 units, total sales amount has more than 50 billion yuan, reaching 50.842 billion yuan. Of these, sales of more than 12 billion yuan in October, reaching 12.022 billion yuan, sales of 7,046,800 units, down two months in a row after finally reversing the slide, and to achieve the highest sales since the implementation of the policy, sales, and sales were chain up 123.00% and 94.59%.

2. Color TV, refrigerator outstanding performance in October refrigerator, color TV, washing machines, water heaters, microwave oven, induction cooker and other rural areas suffered from product sales of substantial growth in the chain, air conditioning sales are down the chain. Performance of color TV sets and refrigerators are very prominent in the chain of all products the highest increase, rose by 199.60 percent higher than Central, 149.31%.

10 months, sales of color TV sets a new high of 2,119,100 units in a single month sales exceeded 1,849,700 units during the first half and three quarter alone, sales of 1,819,500 units of about 30 million; refrigerator sales this has entered the off-season, in October in experienced a monthly decline in the third quarter, but after it reversed the situation continues to decline, monthly sales of more than 3 million units.

Washing machine is now in season, sales have been rising, sold 746,700 units in October, growth 69.75%; air volume still continues to decline, the only in the month, decreased sales of products, in October of sold 308,800 units, the chain fell 11.26%,; water heater monthly sales rise in October sales reached 229,400 units, growth of 60.60 percent.

10 month Small appliances Finally broken out of the first half of the sales downturn, although the microwave oven and electric stove base is still small, but in October sold monthly microwave oven, induction cooker sales have more than the sum of previous sales, respectively, compared with growth of 137.42%, Central, 76.48%.

3. Major brand appliances to rural areas to gain absolute advantage in the information management system from home appliances to the countryside enterprises reported the number of shipments, sales and other registration data, the major brands in home appliances to the countryside to occupy the absolute advantage, small brands at a disadvantage in all respects. Qingdao Haier (20.63,0.32,1.58%) registered shipping 5,889,200 units, registered sales of 4,021,900 units, sales of 8.612 billion yuan, far ahead of integrated marketing advantage; Gree Electric Appliance (27.90,0.10,0.36%) registered shipments Most, Gree registered shipping 8,560,400 units, registered sales of 1,035,200 units, sales of 2.775 billion yuan; Meiling (9.28,0.14,1.53%) sales ranked second, with sales 2.844 billion yuan, registered shipments 1,760,500 units, registered sales of 1,331,300 units.

Successful in 348 enterprises, 67 enterprises with less than 100 units sold, 14 companies sold to 0, according to “bringing home appliances company won the bid evaluation and management measures” in the provisions of winning companies will take quarterly assessment methods implementation of “survival of the fittest”, this part of poor performance is likely to be out of business, perhaps the major brands will further increase the advantages of home appliances in the countryside.

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