Fair Appliance Inventory: Glanz Order By Double Win

The 104th Canton Fair has ended the first phase, the government has also announced the specific turnover of the major exhibitors, Foshan

Home Appliances Industry, some people are happy others are sad (the second transaction without appliances). Autumn Fair last year compared with 102 sessions, half of the sharp decline in orders in the United States, while

Galanz Then leapt to the brand by volume doubled.

Beauty to the strongest line-up unveiled

As White Leading enterprises, the United States in this exhibition for the first time into the large group of small Swan booth, joint Hualing, Rongshida to the United States in the name of a total of 828 square meters for the audience to the biggest booth, with the strongest team debut the previous exhibition appliance brand the best position. The full range of white goods in the kick off new appearance in the booth on behalf of large household appliances manufacturing strength oven, BBQ and other new products debut once again attracted a large number of merchants.

Glanz’s Exhibits and many continued in 2007, “Chinese style”, developed many exclusive features, including the latest multimedia and anion oxygen cooking

Microwave ovens , Double door and three door

Refrigerator More ergonomic design professional degrees

Washing machine To eliminate harmful gases newly renovated

Air conditioning And so on. Galanz volume doubled by the year

Fair spokesman describes the current Fair an export turnover of 16.45 billion U.S. dollars, compared to same period last year fell 3.8%. Of which 5.4 billion household appliances, up 14.2%. Brand exhibition, the cumulative turnover 5.99 billion dollars, of which turnover of the top three listed companies are Galanz Group, Midea Group, Haier Group, respectively, 1.23 billion transactions, 590 million U.S. dollars and 500 million U.S. dollars.

It is understood that last year 102 in the fall session of Canton Fair, the United States and announced a turnover of Galanz were 1.2 billion U.S. dollars and 600 million U.S. dollars; in the 103rd Canton Fair this spring, the United States and Georgia Lanshi to 1.12 billion U.S. dollars respectively, the top two ranked 920 million U.S. dollars. Compared with the previous two Fair, Galanz steady increase in trading volume, one year jumped 105% to become champions and beauty of this is clearly down, down by 51%.

“The economic downturn and an opportunity”

Galanz official said, the reason why the Canton Fair Transaction Galanz “shocking”, the main product line is more abundant and more access to core components technology, FIT decline in participation to guarantee a large customer orders.

U.S. side claimed that the official announcement of the volume of data actually reported by companies themselves, sometimes it is not ruled out “injection.” “This year, four billion U.S. dollars export target is no problem, and now has completed more than 30 million, total 90 billion yuan also can be achieved.”

It is understood that the United States and the Group Chairman of the Board He Xiangjian live in Canton, said consumer demand in the market there is always the face of economic weakness in Europe and the United States and the export environment of the grim situation, the more depressed economic environment, the more will the manufacturing sector to low-cost countries and regions, including the United States of to seize opportunities.

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