“auto Electronic Identity Card” To Prove Which Parts Used Car Repair

“Auto e-ID” to Hangzhou launched tomorrow Car repair What used parts, accessories would be no, you can check.

PRC “We will use each in Hangzhou auto parts sales to establish an electronic identity card, do not meet the requirements of the parts warranty certificate is not issued.” Yang Guoxian Hangzhou Motor Vehicle Services Authority, “said owner please check out the source of the accessories. ”

Tomorrow, by the Hangzhou Bureau of Transportation, Quality and Technical Supervision, Industry and Commerce Administration jointly established “Hangzhou motor vehicle parts and retrospective quality assurance system” will be officially implemented. Repairing a car accessories has been troubling the nation no security problems, is expected to be contained.

Monitoring the establishment of a unified database of Hangzhou    

Effect from tomorrow, this new system provides auto parts distribution from the purchase, sale and Service Corporate procurement, use of link through the whole process on the parts quality control. That is part of the purchase, accessories dealers will be required to provide parts suppliers, business licenses, production licenses, mandatory product certification and other relevant certificates. Dealers at the same time also requires the establishment of a registration system for procurement of parts, including parts purchase date, supplier information, product information, and all accessories into the quality control of parts of Hangzhou unified database. For the import of parts, the system has clearly defined, including the port inspection certification, customs import tax, customs declarations, import and export transactions and invoices and other information will be provided access to quality control database.

According to reports, access to quality control database of accessories come with the electronic ID card, there will be a marking of parts, repair companies may not use certificate does not warranty parts, auto parts warranty certificate shall be subject to quality monitoring data in Hangzhou center of the security authentication.

May 1 fully implemented from Hangzhou    

“As long as sales of accessories in Hangzhou have carried out the registration, maintenance companies to verify the time of purchase, and then use to register.” The executives said, “so the import and export of spare parts are keeping guard at the two off the pass, That is who produced parts, who sold, who bought, who use, what car used in the whole context also crystal clear. ”

“This is like a ground sign, one for each fitting into Hangzhou Market Issuance of a security bar code on, just as we were the ID card (passport), the always unique. To the bar code as the identification mark, quick and easy to find information related accessories to achieve repair parts from distributors of goods to the whole plant loading reversible back. “Commitment to Hangzhou,” motor vehicle parts and retrospective quality assurance system “R & D tasks Wong describes it. According to reports, Hangzhou is from last November in some of the 4S shop, repairing auto parts business and part of the professional market, this test run system, after nearly six months of trial, owners, maintenance company and so well received. Tomorrow, Hangzhou security bar code parts will be fully opened.

Owners can check online and found the problem in a timely manner complaints    

“Accessories quality control data to the public, the owner, whether buying or repairing a car accessories, would like to know whether the source of their ‘authentic’, can check online at any time.” Hangzhou Motor Vehicle Services Authority deputy director, said longevity Yimin , the owner can accessories bar code label number on the packaging, and repair shops owners can enter their license plate number to search. It is understood that parts of the site for car owners check constant surplus auto parts service network also will be open tomorrow.

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