Many Giant Plummeting Into The Video Industry Too Hot

Network Video Is becoming a hot industry. 20 China’s CCTV television network announced the largest player Company Storm video player platform for the creation of new state-owned assets have been regarded as the background of the video Web site for further deep plowing civilian Market One action.

However, Xin Feng, CEO storm in an interview directed chaos in the video industry: mutual plagiarism and piracy vicious competition among regulators is serious lack of many state-owned assets and the rules of the game is to start fight in private.

Hot: Most giants have entered Online video is becoming a hot industry. Almost all Internet giants have entered the field, said a little Feng Xin Players Software market for at least several dozen. Even the search giant Baidu’s video site Fantastic Art is also about on-line.

Rush into the capital from various quarters because the explosion in growth of the market last year was a lot of video sites nearly 5 times the growth in income currently over 10 million yuan monthly income level of the company already has storm video, Youku, Thunder and other 67 companies . Video Advertisement Prices have also gone up this year, many video-sharing sites has more than 50% price increase close to the local television advertising Quote .

Judging from the current size of the video industry has annual revenues of 10 billion to 2 billion yuan and over 10 billion yuan although the size of online advertising, online games industry is not too big but compared to 2 billion yuan enough cake to feed 45 large video sites.

Too messy: lack of supervision of each copy

And “hot” all to the video industry presents a chaos. Feng Xin said that there is too much competition between the video industry, the struggle intensified between peers, he said: “In 20 well-known in the PPS and the two video companies started PPLIVE pinch frame.”

The one hand, he said the performance of the market Environment Confusion. Serious infringement of audio with each other leading to a variety of copyright piracy lawsuits come and go; video site co-plagiarism software code to the lack of originality. On the other hand is the lack of effective management control although many are no rules.

This chaos and restricted video industry, although growing rapidly but the overall pie is still limited and it “sees into not see output,” It’s about the monthly income of over 10 million of the 45 companies to break even and there are few .

And objectives of the companies listed are still not small from the distance. While the user is not a problem but the scale of the low income scale constraints these companies grow and the company several hundred million dollars a month there is still a lot of even the lowest income gap in China stocks at least monthly income of more than two or three million. These video companies realize the dream market growth of at least two to three years the time needed.

Way: state-financed private cooperation Current CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and other state-owned capital is poured into the video industry are also squeeze the company’s survival of the private video. However, Xin Feng network video industry is that more cooperation is needed is an open state his view that only the “national capital”, “private” really substantial cooperation of this industry will enter a virtuous circle.

Example, he said the national network television and other “national capital” have a lot of video content to market time soon, but the lack of need for a broad user base to release its content resources window. The Storm video and other “public capital” in the country tens of millions of users, but is still the main role of the client player software content resource is its soft underbelly of the two sides can complement each other in a common share from advertising revenue.

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