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Leasing industry in China is thriving rental housing only. However,
Home Appliances
Industry enterprises have also embarked on some lease roads, since 2005 on a vague appliance rental into society, I found that by collecting large amounts of data, from the time of the initial rise of home appliance rental uncertain future until 2008 due to
Crisis, the days of home appliance industry is "suffering", and raw material prices, labor costs increased, the channel has occupied the strong profits have been few. Exports are not busy, poor domestic demand and so many factors. At this point, the new appliance rental channel model for the household electrical appliance enterprises to find a new terminal channels and appliance store to break the traditional end-channel profits
Provided an opportunity.

Another new channel as a home appliance rental appliances business model to help tide over the difficulties in 2008, has recently emerged a lease or a short-lived, entitled appliances. Can I believe that this new channel model appliance rental appliance manufacturers deserve to move on.

Because one of the home appliance firms, leasing companies deal with a lot of advantages. More than one channel, not only the expansion of multiple customers, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, but also come forward to get set up by the leasing company to meet the end customers, such as short-term lease, long-term lease to rent consignment and other needs, they can devote to the production , raising the technological level and quality level. Dealing with the leasing company has a bigger advantage is that one-off repayment of the loan. Not only enhance the customer's purchasing power, but also strengthened their ability to re-productive capacity and market share.

2, with strong leasing company's procurement channels, household electrical appliance enterprises can smoothly enter the rental market, the one can make use of the "new Yetai" high ground quickly in the end to enhance brand awareness in the domestic market; most importantly is through this channel, understand that domestic consumer spending habits, the most economical way to participate in building the domestic market.

3, leasing model the emergence of awareness of favorable changes in consumer spending. Will rewrite the current highly competitive home appliance industry structure is conducive to promoting industrial upgrading.

Four, China with a large number of low utilization rate of backlog of household appliances, furniture, equipment,
, Tools and equipment. The development of leasing is the kind of "dead freight" becomes "live money" is an effective way to mobilize the community is a large number of idle property, regulate surplus and deficiency, improve efficiency, to maximize its value in use is an important channel.

Seen in this light, appliance rental is a business, manufacturers, consumers win the sunrise industry, but the market still needs careful nurturing. In the face of prospects of a broader emerging markets.

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