Dongguan: distribution based home appliance giant array is the highlight of 2007

2007, the time value of the Golden Pig year, good fortune of the Golden Pig is always giving people too much hope and imagination: an escalation of Dongguan city, the population on the rise, upgrading of people's lives for the importance of consumer goods appliances have been everywhere. In 2006, the Dongguan M & appliance […]

Top 200,000 Taiwan and the United States seven days of the "crowned,"

¬† ¬†Annual New Year's Day, is the major home appliance manufacturers, "large New Year Promotion" performed when the appliance products in the appliance industry this year, with abnormal out color, selling hot, it is said sales growth rate of 60%. According to the latest survey data related to the appliance industry boss?? Beauty Cooker 7 […]

Changhong: home electrical appliance industry to seize the high ground

Changhong New plasma display production line Click here to view all news photos Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology published in 2009 (the 23rd) Electronic List of top hundred companies, Changhong for many years the list, operating performance has greatly improved over the same period, and shows strong potential for development. Industry experts […]

As early as 9:00: cottage pot costs 15 yuan upgrade version upgrade crack Star 9

> China flat-panel TV into the manufacturing of consumer dual-core era > Appliance industry: policy heater frequency weak blowing black white pattern of strong extended > Asian LCD makers increased competition for the mainland beach landing > No. 9 in the Star break after the upgrade was to upgrade costs 15 yuan cottage pot > […]

Power tools hot with consumers green cooking kitchen – appliances, kitchen – Hom

In order to meet consumer to change the traditional kitchen smoke more disadvantages such as the need for noisy, Vantage, side too, cherry kitchen electricity and other mainstream brands are trying to promote their own Environmental protection Kitchen electric products, Haier, Galanz and other white brands are trying to make a difference in the green […]