Harbin: appliance service satisfaction, lower – sales of home appliances, electr

Recently, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province Consumers Association Held a news conference to announce the Home Appliances Service industry customer satisfaction survey results. The survey found that consumer satisfaction with household appliances sales service poor, dissatisfied 39.2%, which Mobile After-sale satisfaction the lowest, only 28%. data show that only three percent of consumers expressed satisfaction over It […]

Haidong "raving": the Wuhan Guo America into the first – the country t

     This year, Wuhan States United States General Manager Oscilloscope release "obscurity" in 2006 brought the first truly Wuhan Guo America, "the total turnover of all categories Sell Amount … … all the indicators are the first. Review 2005 year, Wuhan Guo America only six stores, now has 14, an increase of eight, said that […]

"Zero profits selling" Love the Dragon Boat Festival over the weekend

This weekend is the traditional Dragon Boat Festival. In this particular moment, Suning Announced: with major branding, the first Dragon Boat Festival a small selection of Golden Week in the whole category of a group of mainstream popular boutique electrical implementation of "zero profits sales." It is reported that, although previously Suning contribute 60 million […]

The lack of resistance to future regional chain go? – Chain, channel, Golden Sun

  In the appliance industry as a whole environment of declining profits, with the appliance manufacturer's reshuffle and integration Home appliance chain Consolidation within the industry can be said is inevitable, in Market economy , The survival of the fittest is not breaking the law. First, the basic set up regional appliance chain in the […]

Appliance industry: industry consolidation in 2008 the strong stronger

Investment Highlights: 2007 from January to August appliance industry operating conditions: household appliances industry continued steady growth, better overall efficiency, 1 August 2007, China's home appliance industry realized a total revenue of 4,793.21 billion yuan, up 30.05%; achieve total profit of 15.937 billion yuan, up 58.34 percent; sales profit rate was 3.32%, 21.61% higher than […]