Beware of home appliances, "technical standards" work into the interes

  Recently, Beijing E-around between the companies and British NME Financing And matters arising from the transfer of shares "sold EVD GB "incident of concern. In recent years, with the appliance industry becomes increasingly sophisticated, inter-enterprise Competition Continued rational behavior. Some previously hidden behind the scenes while they attend to the competitive business means starting […]

Internet giants join hands to create appliance stores megaupload – GOME and Suni

MegaUpload and Suning Appliance China Telecom Beijing Landmark Hotel, recently launching ceremony held in strategic cooperation, announced that from now on megaupload and Suning Appliance strong together, open platform in Megaupload "Suning Appliance" channels, Megaupload users of online shopping more convenient and efficient electrical service. Learned, Gome, Dazhong and other home appliances giant, also accelerate […]

06 States United States Global Forum on Ministry of Information Industry Lou spe

Lou: Dear Ismail? Amat, Vice Chairman, Sun Mayor, Long Secretary-General, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, Hello, everybody! Host let me 10 minutes just talking the information industry or the home appliance industry dream of a powerful issue, about 10 minutes if the subject is a very difficult thing, but to respect the host's decision, I […]

Kitchen electrical appliances are rushing to farming fertilizer survival of the

Kitchen Electrical nearly 30% of the average profit Kitchen electric industry average profit margin of close to 30%, almost twice the other household appliances. The kitchen electric appliances to occupy half of the market, now more and more home appliance manufacturers realize the importance of kitchen appliances, have the firepower to focus on this area, […]

Appreciation of the renminbi, "China" to pains to avoid long-term pain

In recent years, due to the domestic appliance market, production capacity and the appliance industry growing contrast between the increase of exports of home appliances has become a household electrical appliance chain continued to maintain the smooth running of an important support, domestic export prices of home appliances directly to the international market price of […]