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Recently, Beijing E-around between the companies and British NME


And matters arising from the transfer of shares "sold


GB "incident of concern. In recent years, with the appliance industry becomes increasingly sophisticated, inter-enterprise


Continued rational behavior. Some previously hidden behind the scenes while they attend to the competitive business means starting to show, and the technical standards for home appliances is in this context the focus of the enterprise competition for resources.

Beginning from the end of 2004, to DVD players to represent the product technical standards battle had started, around the EVD,




Different technical standards such as the rapid warming debate, and accompanied by the EVD standard issued by Ministry of Information Industry of China's electronics industry voluntary standards, will rise to a new height of this battle. Early in 2005, it has the IGRS Information Industry, e were a good home

Home Networking

And sharing of information resources in the field of technical standards, business between successive events of the technical standards will dispute the open.

My opinion, because of technical standards represents an enterprise's technological innovation capability, and home appliance companies are around to "technical standards"-based competition for the final analysis to the core interests of competition in the market deep end grasp the technical standards through the initiative, to improve competition in the market the initiative to seek greater profits and share.

Have the scars

Years, the technical standard household electrical appliance enterprises in China has been reluctant to bring a piece of pain and weakness. As the home appliance industry in China started late, leading companies in many household appliances on the less competitive, mainly to learn and imitate started. In the subsequent development process, because many companies will make large-scale gravity concentrate on the development of fast path blindly plant enclosure formed scale advantage, which played the competition in the market

Price war

Eventually formed the characteristics of China's home appliance industry, the development path, that is, the formation of large-scale production cost advantage, price advantage through take a lot of market share, and eventually to a large share of the market to support large-scale enterprise development.

Appliance Enterprises in China benefit from this model, short-term rapid growth of the global home appliances manufacturing base, but the lack of product innovation capability, eventually leading to their core competitiveness is not strong, lack of development potential disadvantage. This is why household electrical appliance enterprises in China in the twenty years of development, has not put on the corporate agenda of technical standards for the source.

Recent years, as China's home appliance industry has matured, enterprises have the capacity to build the advantage of scale. The most critical is that business growth has been rapid growth from the original extensive, entered into a relatively rational way of slow growth, no doubt to the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the upgrading of a higher demand. On the one hand, to achieve the company's steady growth in sales, on the other hand would like to stress enterprises


Quality, including


Accounting ratio, profitability, high-end product sales proportions.

Real situation was quite embarrassing and awkward household electrical appliance enterprises in China. Household appliances industry in China in various fields, the foreign firm always occupy a market share of high-end products with high profit margins, and


Established a dominant influence on the edge. Consumers can buy high-end home appliances, the first will be zeroed in on foreign brands. In China, sales of household electrical appliance enterprises mainly in the low-end products, profits thin, and even some companies are still selling at a loss for strategic needs, business competition led to weak stamina.

In this case, our household electrical appliance enterprises are how they should do? Why has China's household electrical appliance enterprises can not occupy the high-end product market? The crux lies in the lack of enterprise technology products gold content, but do not have developed a core technology of the products have to ability to lead the market trend.

In this context, starting from 2004, with the means of market competition, enterprises need, our business in new technology and new products started to increase the proportion of R & D intensity, while advance the technology of some enterprises accumulation is also starting to show superiority. Thus, household appliances industry, appeared in the high-definition DVD player format war, home appliance standards battle.

Should be said that the technical standards as a core competitiveness of enterprises, began to compete in the enterprise means a lot to win, was promoted to various enterprises as a strategy for future sustainable development to treat. For the entire industry and enterprise development, are beneficial. This first strategic development for our home appliance enterprises in the process of establishing the future development of the main directions of technological innovation, followed by the construction of technical standards through the products will gradually strengthen and enhance China's household electrical appliance enterprises in the domestic market competition, the technical discourse right. Meanwhile, as China's home appliance industry technical standards in all areas constantly introduced, also for our home appliance business in the future basis for international strategy.

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