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White goods have sustained high growth promising big brand – drum washing machin

< BR> 11 Refrigerator , Washing machines, air conditioners and other white goods production continues to improve, in the home appliances to the countryside, trade-in policies continued under the guidance of the future trend of rapid growth in appliance sales basically established. Sales promotion and improvement in external demand, the profit will be thickening of […]

Five-Star predictions: in 2008 a wide range of color TV industry will cut prices

, Philips Greater China CEO Juey-Jen Hwang and his party visited the five-star level Electrical Headquarters, and vice president of Five Star Xu Xiuxian on both the overall business in 2007 were reviewed. According to reports, Five Star and Philips in 2008 TV , Small appliances , Video The full range of strategic products Cooperation […]

Distribution companies purchasing third terminal is a key strategic position – c

"The third terminal of the vast majority of small and medium sized distribution company is a private commercial enterprise, so cash flow is more important than profits, cash flow consequences of breaking a direct threat to the survival of enterprises. Redeployment of business well will be able to revitalize the cash flow. " Procurement management […]

Thick black eyebrows Note dense fashion era – eyebrows, eyebrow makeup, makeup –

Elizabeth? Taylor thick black eyebrows Eyebrows, in the beauty magazines or newspapers may be less relevant has been frequently referred to or concern. The truth is, eyebrows can be said to subvert the capacity of a huge makeup trend. Makeup of the season, a trend can not be ignored is that eyebrow makeup, eyebrow's "personality" […]

Internal and external problems in the washing machine market in transition, high

The past two years, " Bringing home appliances "" Energy Huimin "," TM "and the successive introduction of the policy of household appliances, September 1, 2009 washing machine 6A New Deal (the national standard household washing machine GB/T4288-2008" electric washing machines for household and similar purposes " ) purposes. Now it seems that the implementation […]