Internal and external problems in the washing machine market in transition, high

The past two years, "

Bringing home appliances

"" Energy Huimin "," TM "and the successive introduction of the policy of household appliances, September 1, 2009 washing machine 6A New Deal (the national standard household washing machine GB/T4288-2008" electric washing machines for household and similar purposes " ) purposes. Now it seems that the implementation of these policies to promote the role of the washing machine market has not fully realized. relative


, Air conditioning, the washing machine industry is relatively stable, but also pregnant with new changes.

Exports, domestic sales decreased two-

By the world "


Crisis, "the impact of market demand abroad, especially Europe and the United States shrinking, washing machine exports have been significantly affected. According to Customs statistics, from January to September 2009, total exports of domestic washing machines for the 9,945,400 units, down 15.4% year on year, total exports amounted to 1.225 billion U.S. dollars, down 18.2% year on year.

The PRC, retail sales, according to monitoring data show: with the 2008 compared to January-September 2009, the overall market volume washing machine fell 3.16%, the first time in nearly three years of negative growth; retail sales increased by 4.21% year on year , mainly due to

Washing Machine

Retail accounting for the increase.

2009 from January to September Washing Machine (with single-cylinder, double cylinder, automatic pulsator) volume, retail sales were down, including single-cylinder, twin-type washing machines retail sales fell 32.84%, respectively, 17.10%, Automatic Washing Machine volume, retail sales were down 1.9%, 0.01%; drum washing machine retail sales, retail sales were up 16.39%, 16.48% (see Figure 1,2).

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Recent years, the home appliance industry, integration of capital for land in full swing. With the completion of the Rongshida U.S., the acquisition and integration of Little Swan, Haier, Midea Department


, Sanyo, Siemens washing machine market competition will become a major force.

Washing machine market in the city, Haier is still the biggest company. According to the PRC, monitoring data show that from January to September 2009, Haier volume, retail sales share of 31.72%, 29.49%, accounting for nearly 1 / 3 of the market.

2009 beauty department from January to September retail sales, retail sales share of 21.5%, respectively, 16.15%, retaining its position as the second industry. But compared to last year, retail sales, retail sales were down 2.31,1.99 percent share, mainly because of the US's three major brands of business integration system is not fully concluded. With the gradual integration of complete beauty system performance will be better and better, and will be increasing the threat of Haier (see Figure 3).

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In different market segments, in the performance of different foreign brands. Cylinder washing machine market, foreign brands are not involved in basic. Washing Machine market competition of domestic and foreign brands, from January to September 2009, retail sales within the top ten in each of the five foreign brands, five domestic brand volume share of the total was 59.41 percent, 34.47 percent of them to occupy the No. 1 Haier , Little Swan share of 13.75%; five foreign brand volume share of total 35.07%, which led Matsushita to 13.48%, followed by Sanyo (10.44%). Drum washing machines, foreign brands dominated the market, retail sales from January to September 2009, the top ten foreign brands accounted for seven of the volume share of 67.06 percent, 26.94 percent of Siemens to dominate, strong market position; three domestic brand retail Total volume of shares was 31.12%, Haier 23.81% share of retail sales, as the only domestic enterprises competitive brands, the drum washing machine markets and foreign brands under a high (see Figure 6).

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Washing machine market is characterized by oligopolistic competition, Haier, Midea system, as well as Panasonic product line covers are complete, Siemens, Bosch specializes in drum washing machine, washing machine market is now in oligopolistic competition for new members is difficult to survive difficult to eat the other existing brands.

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