White goods have sustained high growth promising big brand – drum washing machin

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, Washing machines, air conditioners and other white goods production continues to improve, in the home appliances to the countryside, trade-in policies continued under the guidance of the future trend of rapid growth in appliance sales basically established. Sales promotion and improvement in external demand, the profit will be thickening of appliance, and industrial structure adjustment of industry leaders will further enhance its production capacity, we are optimistic about Geli, Meiling and


Group [4.57-1.08%].

<BR> White production continue to erupt

<BR> 11 refrigerator production reached 1.0343 million units, up 109.52 percent; air conditioning production 6.8791 million units, an increase of 57.72 percent year on year; refrigerator production of a certain upgrade over in October, to 4,012,600 units, an increase of 30.55 percent year on year; washing machine production fell slightly compared with October, to 5,393,200 units, up 30.17 percent year on year growth. White goods in the field has maintained a continuous upward sales situation, according to Commerce Department statistics, the end of last November, is the TM to the appliance alone has sold more than 2 million units in September since the TM to the


Volume exceeded 9.0 billion.

<BR> Volume also contributed to household appliances to enhance the quality of the upgrade. Appliances to rural areas to enhance the quality of life for rural residents, while urban dwellers and higher demands on the household appliances to promote a more rapid updating of the revolution within the industry. Such as the washing machine industry, the market share of the current cylinder has dropped to 18.02%,

Washing Machine

Share rose to 22.15 percent, retail sales have reached 42% of the proportion; with changes in consumption concept, the new white market share will further increase.

<BR> Black appliances from the data, in November


Production reached 11,104,300 units, up 31.49%, we believe that, with


Further spread, the LCD TV market share is expected to rise to double digits, while the quality of TV will be further updated birth enterprise resource integration.

<BR> Re-entered the high growth track

<BR> As of the third quarter, household appliances increased by 70% of overall profit, gross margin enhancement, the decline in operating expenses, improved export situation and the expansion of domestic sales performance of the entire block the formation of strong support. We expect a favorable factor for the growth of home appliance industry will steadily expand.

<BR> From the PE ratio, in accordance with the third quarterly * 4 / 3, as of December 24, Shen 10 000 white goods in the overall price-earnings ratio is 28.76 times, which is only 22.6 times the air-conditioning, all the A shares compared to 23.88 times, with some advantages. From the perspective of PEG, we calculated, focused on production and sales of air conditioners and refrigerators Gree Electric Appliances [27.800.72%], Qingdao Haier [24.620.20%] and the US's electrical [22.400.90%] were 0.6,0.7 and 1.4, no doubt refrigerator, air conditioning, high-growth performance will further optimize the company's overall valuation.

<BR> The policy continued to improve people's income, the combined effect of stimulating the real estate investment, we expect home appliance industry in 2010 will maintain a 15% profit growth. Than-expected domestic growth is still possible, we expect the 2010 air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine sales grew 10%, 13%, 16%, although historically, the current valuation of household appliance industry is not very low, However, future growth and tape horizontal comparison, the current valuation of household appliances still have attractive appliance industry in 2010 will remain high growth fast track.

<BR> Bullish on big brands

<BR> Gree Electric Appliance Industry in the valuation calculation is relatively low. As of December 24, by three quarterly * 4 / 3 operator, the company PE is 19.52 times, we believe that internal and external demand in 2010 led to further increase market share and circumstances, Gree's revenue growth will reach 15%, with the upgrading of product quality, new

Inverter air conditioner

, Energy efficient air conditioners to increase product sales gross margins will further improve the company's profit margins.

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