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Elizabeth? Taylor thick black eyebrows Eyebrows, in the beauty magazines or newspapers may be less relevant has been frequently referred to or concern. The truth is, eyebrows can be said to subvert the capacity of a huge makeup trend. Makeup of the season, a trend can not be ignored is that eyebrow makeup, eyebrow's "personality" is precisely the fashion of today's most effective notes.

Ignored prototype Note: China's Tang Dynasty, as did his eyebrows have been completely ignored, and then draw the eyebrow and eyebrow color you want to start advocating "false eyebrows."

MENG book "Flowers 16 sound", the description of the worship of the Chinese Tang Dynasty of the eyebrows can be said to have reached a peak. Pen straw men like a woman sub-fanatical praise eyebrows, but they are sung, are all drawn the false eyebrow. More interesting is the ability eyebrows Tang painting of a woman than a wow, they like to design and innovation, drawing, famously eyebrow. Appears in the crowd, the shape of the eyebrows and the United States and sexy enough to draw an equal sign.

Autumn and winter of this year overseas show field background, makeup artist, eyebrow dyeing their agents or with a touch of eyebrow, the model (gallery, articles) are the original pale eyebrows and then draw a brow and you want to eyebrow color. I remember the Danish designer Peter? Jason said: "I painted eyebrows wax, then brush on loose powder, so that the eyebrows and the skin turned to powder coat the same color." We can buy special cover eyebrows flaw cream, eyebrow color to the original shallow.

Two wiping thick black Notes: elegant of Liu Mei gentle low-key, black bushy eyebrows individuation, a sense of bushy eyebrows with component signals self-confidence, strong women in today's era of the face.

This decade, with a pair of handsome, thick black eyebrows, a well-known model Stella? Ta Nante, in the 1990s, giving rise to an neutral trend. If the time to return to some of the 1980s, has bushy eyebrows representatives??? Shields? Small wire. Look we know well the celebrity (gallery, articles) Gong Li, with a big bushy eyebrows straight women of color have been a sign of her. There are 1950's Elizabeth? Taylor, thick black eyebrows and the classic cat eye, enough breathtaking. "This quarter is a strong female image of the girl, she never pulled eyebrows, do not do too artificial modification, she is very boyish, but not a man, still retains the characteristics of women," MAC vice president of GE Global Cosmetic Arts Teng said, "If the model pulled off the eyebrows, we need to do is to draw out their eyebrows again."

In addition, the season also played a brow popular adhesive, it can be appropriate to improve sparse eyebrows trouble, and erected so that the eyebrow, a little eyebrow pencil in Mei Wei Department, end to end, you can outline a pair of plump, full eyebrows.

Jian Mei Mei and crab legs

Note: the shape is different from the past, the insignificant and feminine brow arch, with thick black eyebrows of Jian Mei and crab legs to show or neutral, or exotic femininity.

Jian Mei, by definition of its shape like two out of the scabbard of the sword, you can draw straight, rising slightly to the shape, curvature can be a little a bit to buffer too "daggers drawn" style, more used for daily life. Another season

popular eyebrow called "crab leg eyebrow," called also very vivid, three forties of last century Hollywood actress who has the eyebrow. In Dior2007 autumn background, make up artist Pat? McGrath, the full interpretation of the eyebrow, also capriciously playing tricks to, in addition to black eyebrow pencil drawing like crab legs bending and twists and turns in addition to using the stickers , "you see is not really crocodile skin, but we found a sticker in New York, it cut the shape of legs attached to eyebrows." This exaggerated eyebrows for the stage, we should Sammi Cheng's concert, album covers last seen it. Which use a variety of other materials, such as: leather, stones, lace, feathers and other decorative methods eyebrows have become very popular in recent.

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