Gas heaters need to think twice about buying after-sales service be improved – g

Recent years, gas heater in the gas appliance industry sprung up everywhere, and showed strong momentum of development. But this product has caused some problems for consumers. attract consumers the benefits of more sought after Gas heater is the United States and Europe the first choice for heating in winter, although in China in 1999 […]

For the supermarket squeeze into the home appliance industry professional store

" Home Appliances We have been operating the product, then we will enter the field of large household appliances, to change long-established business lines. "A local large chain stores in Dongguan relevant person in charge says. According to report, many local chains Supermarket Except for some Small appliances Is the self, the other way most […]

Four pressure line facing Chinese home appliance industry do? – Haier, Haier air

Qingdao Haier announced 2007 Annual Report showed that the operating revenue 29.47 billion yuan last year, up 26.94%; net profit 754000000 yuan, up 18.27%. Haier has released forecasted to go before the announcement, said net profit in 2007 increased by 50% or more, the report clearly falls short of expectations. Analysis of a securities industry, […]

Electricity industry will further accelerate the pace of recovery (Photos)

Click here to view all news photos 2009 years, in a series of national policies to expand domestic demand, driven by the overall operation of home appliances industry continued to change for the better. January-November 2009, household appliances industry-wide (including the home video equipment and household electrical appliances manufacturer) to achieve Sell Income of 882 […]

Sell Electric to sell a house in Hangzhou enterprises "budding"

Fierce market competition, resulting in an overall decline in home appliance industry profits, so there are appliance operators from the "fight price war" getting out there, fought in the real estate market, to share a spoonful of soup. From relevant sources of information that has been on the main appliance business TCL, Changhong and other […]