For the supermarket squeeze into the home appliance industry professional store

Home Appliances
We have been operating the product, then we will enter the field of large household appliances, to change long-established business lines. "A local large chain stores in Dongguan relevant person in charge says.

According to report, many local chains
Except for some
Small appliances
Is the self, the other way most of outsourcing, business ideas gradually changing in recent years, efforts to increase the operating home appliances. The outside of large supermarket chains in the appliance business are ever-increasing capacities, and gradually test the water, high in the field, grabbed appliance market share.

Most local small supermarket business outsourcing

This year, the major appliance business continued intense competition, while the large supermarkets also been staking their claims, and added to the attention of the supermarket appliance area. It is understood that foreign supermarket chains such as Wal-Mart, PARKnSHOP appliances such as supermarket operators are taking the form of self-employed, the operation area of 1000 square meters and is extremely common. Can be comparable to those from the large supermarket is a local large supermarket chains, while the local small supermarket appliance area clear on the more "tacky."

's Investigation found that local small supermarket appliance area is the way outsourcing business. "Compared with other products for supermarkets, home appliances
Occupy a larger fund, its slow turnover rate compared to other products, the profit is not very good, and besides, the market competition, operating risks, could easily lead to backlogs. With that in mind, so generally abandoned household appliances supermarket business, taking outsourcing. "

A local supermarket
Mr Lee told reporters officers admitted that "to the supermarket, the appliance area is a 'tasteless'." Because this business model, determine the appliance operating within the local small supermarket size, and poor product quality. Some contractors in pursuit of high profits, lower grade products, some quality is not assured, "-name" home appliances to survive in this environment.

To enter the field of major home appliances

The face of this situation, not all local supermarket operators are on the blind. Careful
Who will find some local supermarket chains continue to shop at the same time, household appliances District business area is also increasing, while maintaining operational usual cheap products, product grades are rising, as some high resolution
Digital Cameras
Big screen
Also continue to show up at the supermarket.

"Appliance is still an integral part of the large supermarkets, large household appliances are self-trend," Zhang Ka Wing supermarket vice president of purchasing school that the supermarket to do bigger and stronger, good management is critical appliances one aspect.

Reporter has learned that Wal-Mart, now settled in Dongguan, PNS,
Area supermarkets and other large household appliances share of up to nearly 20% share, the management of product grades also rising. In contrast to these foreign supermarkets than local supermarkets, household appliances, Dongguan area is far less than the number of shares. "Imperative therefore to adjust appliance business ideas."

Professional Marketplace extrusion share?

Gradual expansion of the business for a large home appliance supermarkets, specialized stores will share it squeeze? Fashion,
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Responsible for these large-scale professional home appliance store in an interview with reporters were admitted, the supermarket business appliances, there is no professional purchasing home appliances stores and products rich advantages.

"Comprehensive stores and professional store each have their own advantages, integrated appliance store to do just complement of professional stores," Wal-Mart feels that, "as the main products really do make home appliances, it is more difficult to , because the appliance sales process has run through the concrete
Content, such as pre-sale, sale, service, and relative to the professional appliance stores, in delivery and installation services, the supermarket is not necessarily a professional store soon. "
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