King Wei: Our goal is to achieve greater business

    From the cottage small factories of electrical accessories for today's rice cooker industry growth boss, King Wei electrical growth this decade, with many hardships and sweat in the beam can really feel the general population. In 2006, King Wei, after two "turned" to end the dive after 16 years, realized from the OEM OEM […]

"TM" policy in the row update trigger boom appliances

Of concern Home Appliances " TM to "Policy was formally implemented in August, following" Bringing home appliances "After the Chinese home appliance industry is facing yet another influx of policy promotion. In the" home appliances to the countryside "," TM "and a series of policies to stimulate consumers to purchase under the continuing high enthusiasm, […]

Shunde bringing home appliances sales accounting for nearly 13%

According to the National Bringing home appliances Information management system provides statistical data, as of the end of November 2009, the country Sell Home appliances to the countryside winning products 58.13 billion yuan, the year will reach 65 billion yuan, while sales of home appliances Shunde successful business countryside products were 7.239 billion yuan, is […]

Household Appliance Industry 2009 Top Ten Award Presentation Ceremony, held in B

Afternoon, organized by the Harvard HC home network Water heater Cup "channel winning?? 2009 Top Ten Chinese home appliance industry, named" Awards Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, was held, China's Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of the Consumer Electronics Association, China Hardware Products Association, the Secretary-General Li-Xin Jin, Guo Fansheng HC Network Chairman of the […]

Manager Xibei Zhao Yan to rate: focus on doing one thing 55 years – the rate of

?? Visit to Deputy General Manager of Shanghai to rate Xibei Zhao Yan "11" Golden Week appliance industry, the smoke has not completely disappeared, a new round of fighting has quietly lit. Fiercely competitive compared to other household appliances, gas water heater industry is slightly quiet, although often coming out price war, but the pattern […]