Shunde bringing home appliances sales accounting for nearly 13%

According to the National

Bringing home appliances

Information management system provides statistical data, as of the end of November 2009, the country


Home appliances to the countryside winning products 58.13 billion yuan, the year will reach 65 billion yuan, while sales of home appliances Shunde successful business countryside products were 7.239 billion yuan, is expected to reach 8.0 billion, accounting for about 12.45%. Midea Group,

Hisense Kelon

2 Shunde enterprises bringing home appliances product sales reached 4.829 billion yuan respectively, and 2.134 billion yuan, respectively, accounting for 8.3% and 3.6%. Shunde is the home appliances to the countryside policies benefit one of the most obvious.

To deal with international


Crisis, the Shunde District Government attaches great importance to the work of home appliances to the countryside, and actively carry out the implementation of related policies. According to Vice-Mayor Su Weibo description Shunde, Shunde household electrical appliance enterprises and related supporting more than 3000 companies, home appliance industry in 2009 reached 156 billion yuan output value, accounting for about 40% of industrial output in the region. Home appliance industry is directly related to the overall economic performance, Shunde District, good or bad. In addition, Shunde relatively high dependence on exports, the international financial crisis, Shunde in 2009 exports fell by 13%. However, the use of home appliances to the countryside, Shunde effectively open up the domestic market, but home appliance industry grew 13%, effectively offset the export decline. It is understood, Shunde district government attaches great importance to the implementation of home appliances to the countryside policies, and to open up a new round of this as the starting point of economic growth, mainly in the following aspects:

One appliance enterprises to participate actively organize tendering of home appliances to the countryside. Currently there are 16 enterprises Shunde successful, in addition to


Computer, the participation of all the products included in the scope of home appliances to the countryside directory tenders, including


, Air conditioners, washing machines, water heaters, microwave oven, induction cooker and so on.

Second is to guide the home appliance business innovation, increasing product for rural market development efforts. Household electrical appliance enterprises to strengthen the independent innovation and enhance the product's market competitiveness. Refrigerator sales accounted for a national home appliances to the countryside 14% of refrigerator sales, air conditioning accounts for 36%, microwave oven, induction cooker is also accounted for 70% of the share.

Third, to promote the green manufacturing to improve product quality to rural areas. Shunde to the implementation of green manufacturing, as


Quality demonstration project in home appliances, around the "development of varieties, improve quality, create brand, to improve


"The quality of the work of the main points of home appliances to the countryside to strengthen product development, improve business service levels, and improving product quality awareness, and promoting quality management level.

Four appliances to the countryside is to work to improve the regional brands combined. Work in carrying out the process of home appliances to the countryside, further stepped up as China's home appliance of all, Shunde, China Gas publicity with capital to improve the Shunde household electrical appliance in the domestic market visibility and reputation, to the formation of regional brand and corporate brand efforts to promote the sales of home appliances to the countryside products.

Fifth, use of home appliances to the countryside

help enterprises to develop the domestic market. Lack of effective distribution channels to break through the bottleneck, through policy support, to further strengthen Electrical Household Appliances Online Shopping Mall, Shunde household electrical appliance chain store cultivation and construction of key towns in the establishment of Shunde household electrical appliance chain stores in groups and stores, the major expansion of Shunde household electrical appliances into the township to markets, enhance brand awareness of domestic appliances, Shunde, and explore the countryside of Shunde household electrical appliance model, effective solution to small and medium business sales service network appliance imperfect issues.

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