"Appliances to the countryside" or lever 230 billion market

Most household appliances are excited this year is the country's "household appliances to the countryside" policy. According to the Ministry of Finance Department of Economic Construction, Business Ministry of General Affairs Department jointly issued the "home appliances to the countryside pilot products (electricity Refrigerator ) Project Tender Documents "show that" the Ministry of Finance, the […]

Win-win to open small and medium business enterprises household appliances enter

The first "China Home Appliances Ten selected industry channel member satisfaction, "revealed Commercial enterprises to open the win-win Small appliances Enterprise voice revolution Reform and opening up 30 years ago, Chinese home appliance industry from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong process of growth. In this magnificent development process, created and nurtured […]

Winter appliance industry: the logistics channel thin posted fat

"Domestic Home Appliances Logistics did not do particularly good, only who is the first to explore a more professional model fit. " Hisense Group is responsible for the logistics business, Zhou Guanfeng manager, told reporters that "part of the appliance manufacturer's logistics business independence movement, may not be suitable for other household electrical appliance enterprises. […]

Hong Kee water appliances market with the influx of those who do not do – water

    Water appliances market with the tide, we do not do those?? Visit Hong Qi Jian Ye Electric Co., Ltd. General Manager can Cixi household appliance industry is the cradle of the water, where many companies are realizing their dreams. Recently, we interviewed the general manager of Hong Kee Electric Co., Ltd. Mr. Ye Jianneng, […]

Suning strong start of the seventh refrigerator section

As a continuous 10 years of the national air-conditioning sales champion??? Suning Appliance With its own unique appeal, a former air-conditioned two-week festival greeting the waves surge in sales. This week, Suning Appliance has a generous, nationwide launch of the seventh in the refrigerator section, rising raw material prices in the refrigerator case, the Raiders […]