Fu-in on "loop law" an important impact on the household appliances in

Was formally implemented on September 1, in which waste electrical and electronic products on the relevant regulations for recycling Home Appliances The sound development of the industry and to promote recycling of waste electrical and electronic products the introduction of management practices, plays an important role and influence. As long-term efforts to promote recycling of […]

Snow Sakura Kitchen: build the core competitiveness of regional markets

2007 4 8, "2007 Inse Group Dealer Training Conference" held in Sanya, Hainan victory. "Household appliance market," as the exclusive domestic professional media coverage of this meeting. Inse Group 7 years, one year to a new level, has maintained an average 60% to 80% of the development of increased speed, in a highly competitive market, […]

Some enterprises are embarrassed bringing home appliances industry in the potent

Side, the riding " Bringing home appliances "Policy of the wind, part of the business performance of over 100% growth, or raise brand awareness in the rural market quickly come to the fore; the other side, it is part of the business through zero Sell Embarrassment, or bear the old market was robbed of trouble […]

Shengzhou: kitchen range hoods and other gas appliances electric industry reboun

"We are about to be launched Hood Project, this will be our new growth. "In Shengzhou Jiangle Feng Changle town, Zhejiang Electric Co. Chairman and Qiu Lushan told "market Guide" reporter. In the "kitchen of Chinese capital" Shengzhou, kitchen appliance industry has become one of the local pillar industries, in resisting Financial Crisis played an […]

GOME Weiqiu Li Xiang Jie: Country United States case of collective organization

Click to enter HC appliances live video feature combined GOME Paradise    Click to view the text field Record Today's home appliances industry, including big but not strong, the overall profit level is low, the relatively weak capacity of independent innovation so troubled in our industrial development and the clouds came from a high degree […]