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Blue Ocean market cosmetics industry into the huge fast-men – men, cosmetics – b

2009 screaming worldwide in the financial crisis, the author of a friend, professional men Cosmetic Brands sold in Europe and Africa, shows a huge market, blue sea, and wandering through the market predicament, the Chinese men's cosmetics industry into the high-speed growth, and women cosmetics start shoulder to shoulder, walk on the highway. Hesitation strategies […]

Ahn Jung-Su Ning, a prototype shop to upgrade the audience soon folded – Su Ning

Full swing of the "Golden Week" has come to an end, Suning Appliance as well prepared, plus doubling the number of stores, this year's "Golden Week" Suning's sales last year of three times more than the same period reached the best level in history . Suning promote inclusive price, brand strategy, creative services, become a […]

Little Giant – 1550nm diode laser module Manufacturer – fiber dense array

Plot A naive country boy named Benny Miller (Lou Costello), from Cucamonga, California, has been taking correspondence phonograph lessons in salesmanship. Upon completion of the course, he leaves his mother (Mary Gordon) and his girlfriend Martha (Elena Verdugo) to pursue a career in Los Angeles. He arranges a meeting with his Uncle Clarence (George Cleveland), […]

Toshiba vacuum switch in China to establish manufacturing and sales base – China

Toshiba Corporation (hereinafter "Toshiba") and Guangzhou Baiyun Electric Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Baiyun Electric Group") agreed to acquire the company in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China invested in the manufacture and sale of vacuum interrupters 60% of the shares of the company and set up new joint venture. At the same […]

Glory and Dream – Reflection and Prospect of China's semiconductor industry

Opportunities and challenges: China's discrete device market outlook, but producing countries to produce power there are many way to go Global discrete devices in the electronic information products manufacturing Sell Amount is gradually decreased the proportion of Industry to develop innovative capabilities must be strengthened Market Data: Discrete device production in China in 2008 fell […]